Autobiography of a Pencil (Essay Sample)


Whenever we want to express our thoughts, we tend to use a pencil as an important tool to fully interpret, what is going to be implied from our minds. As we know, a pencil is an efficient tool that encourages us to express our thoughts and emotions through the use of creating new scripts and contexts. This is usually applied to every person in our society wherein they have to fully embrace the use of pencils that encourage everyone to improve their way of expressing their ideas. A pencil is always useful because it provides guidance for those who want to express their thoughts and opinions to ensure that their productive mechanism can effectively establish a relationship with another person or groups who appreciate one’s thoughts.

A pencil is a tool that is used for creating scripts and contexts by anyone who wants to express their ideas and thoughts. This is a material where it can effectively engage on establishing a new relationship with other individuals basing on the information that they want to convey. This material is equipped with an eraser because the scripts are made temporarily for anyone who wants to rephrase or edit their thoughts. This material is usually made up of wood material in an elongated shape. The core of the pencil is the lead, which is responsible for writing a certain material, which creates a shade whenever it is forced and compressed to the surface as it slides to leave behind the remnants of the lead. A pencil is also made out of plastic, which symbolizes the modern way of creating a material that suits the interest of anyone who wants to express their thoughts.

A pencil is also used for drawing because the shade can be used for different strokes when creating new figures. The shapes and the strokes create lines and different angles to form an image that represents a person, object, or scenery. An artistic individual with a talented skill of creating an image or set of images use pencils because it is one of the most convenient materials to ensure that the shape and symbols are created. Most artists uses pencils to sketch the main design of their masterpieces. When creating crafts such as wardrobes, using pencils is one of the most effective ways to create a master plan to design a new garment. This is similar with the architects when designing a structure. Architects use pencils to create a lay out or a plan before constructing a certain structure such as homes or buildings.

A pencil is entirely made by our Mother Nature. Both the wooden piece and the lead content responsible for creating a shade is always an important material to build art. Pencils were created during the ancient times when our ancestors started developing calligraphy and wood tablets. When papers were developed using a machine, our ancestors were able to achieve a new conventional way of improving our educational routine by means of having the chance to express thoughts and create a masterpiece. Humans always need pencils because it can support their daily activities such as when writing a certain issue. However, pencils do not need humans because it is just made of a piece of Earth, which is entirely biodegradable and may reunite with the Mother Nature once that it is already used (Bennett, 2014).


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