Autobiography Of A Notebook (Essay Sample)

Just like people, the life of a notebook is full of ups and downs. As a notebook, I had my prime and now, as all of my glory are lost, I remain a hero in my owner’s past, just as heroes in the minds of their nation. Even before I start my journeys as my owner’s hero, I was only a simple bound of paper lying on the shelves of our local bookstore. Unaware and untainted with the knowledge of the external world, I was filled with blank pages which are soft and smooth. One day, a boy came in the bookstore and looked like he was trying to look for something. This boy is unlike anyone that I’ve seen before and he was wearing an innocent smile and a brush of excitement on his face. As the boy scanned the shelves, we saw each other and that was one of the most joyous parts of my life. When he got home, he enthusiastically felt my pages and wrote his name on my very first page, just like the start of a journey that would last a lifetime. Day after day, I would be written with his thoughts, aspirations, and even emotions. Most of the time, this boy would fill a page with the most joyous thoughts that I could ever imagine, while at sometimes, he would let out his feelings by scribbling on my pages pictures which are characterized by grief and loneliness. Nevertheless, our journey together would continue for years and even until he reached his last day in middle school which is what he described as one of the “happiest time in his life”. From his thoughts and pieces of ideas that he writes in my pages, I learn something new. For every negative emotion that he scribbled in my pages, I learn how cruel and unforgiving the world can be. And for every message of gratitude and happiness that he would jot down, I learned to accept that the world is full of mysteries and that most of the time we have to learn to be thankful. For years, both him and I have went through thick and thin, from the time when he was just learning how to do his algebra homework, to the time when his first girlfriend broke up with him and devastated him, and even until the time when he is already planning to upstate New York, which is a thousand miles from here.

However, just as the life of any person out there, everyone would inevitably age and reach the end of their journey. Upon writing this, this boy – my owner and my best friend – is about to fill the last of my ages. Hopefully, as I’ve reached my end, a new notebook could accompany him with a new phase of his life. A new journey that he has to take all on his own. As of today, I’ve reached the end of my journey and I could only be very thankful for everything that he has taught me. In return, I would also very happy to impart my thoughts and knowledge to other. Nevertheless, this day, I believe, is the happiest moment of my life. Earlier this morning, he left a note both for me and for the person who could hopefully find me writing on the last page of my body:

“Dear notebook,

Thanks for always being my best friend through thick and thin. You’ve always been my guide and my shoulder to cry on in times of need. I’ll always remember you and miss you.

Dear New User,

Please take care of this notebook for me. If you find him, I hope you could find good points that I’ve learned that could help him in your own life. I promise that one day, I’ll find him and I’ll be back for him.



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