Autobiography Of A High School Student (Essay Sample)

An Autobiography of a High School Student

Getting through a day can be hard without a motivation. I find that I can face each day of my high school life easier whenever I think about my plans and big dreams. It is one of the reasons I believe I feel like I live for my dreams. I am young and ambitious but I believe that even a teenager should reflect on his high school life. If more youths set their goals and review their routines as high school students, they would be able to achieve more success. This paper will reflect on my own life as a high school student to serve as a reminder that I am living for my dreams and I can gain success. It will also serve as an inspiration to my peers who aim for the success.

Being a happy high school student would not be possible without my family. I am a child of two supportive parents. My father is an marketing sales representative at a local technology company and my mother is a nurse. They work hard to support our family and do their best to spend time bonding whenever they can. My family values loyalty and responsibility. This is the reason I always try to be honest to my family and tell them my high school activities. It is also why I believe that if more high school students are honest to their parents, they would struggle less with their academic and extra-curricular goals. Living with a supportive family encourages me to dream and aim for good grades and a good career.

Every day when I go to school I attend all my classes to learn more. I believe that each lesson there are insights I can gain. There are times some teachers are not professional or do not explain some of the lessons well. But I always strive to gain an understanding of our lessons with the resources I have. I take note to jot down my misunderstandings so that I can find it in the library or online. I can say that I am a responsible high school student that takes my studies seriously because I want to achieve my dreams.

As a high school student, I also enjoy time with my friends. In between classes and sometimes after school, I go out with the gang. We eat food, watch movies, talk a lot, and listen to music. We participate in school events together and a few are with me in club activities. Sometimes I struggle balancing time for family, studies, and friends. There are a ton of times I chose to have a sleepover or check out a new club with the gang over more important activities. I will work on my time management more so that I can accomplish goals that should be prioritized. I realize now that to grasp my dreams I should have friends but I should also manage my time with them well.

To be a successful high school student it is not hard to find motivation. Being motivated helps a youth believe his dreams are possible. All that needs to be done is to value one’s family, studies, and friends. With a positive outlook on the people and environment of a youth’s life, he can do anything. He can overcome struggles like difficult teachers or lack of time management. He can live for his dream and succeed. These are the beliefs that are shaping my life as a high school student now. I will always use this paper to help me review what motivates me to live for my dream. I can only hope that it will inspire my peers.

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