Autobiography Of A Farmer (Essay Sample)

A Day in the Life of a Farmer

A farmer is someone who breaks his back from dusk ‘til dawn working in order to produce something that would benefit the society. A farmer’s life is greatly anchored to the land that he tills and nourishes in order to make a living. This life follows the cycle of a year; as the seasons pass by, the routine of the farmer also changes.

In all parts of the world, there are different kinds of farmers but all share significant experiences when it comes to farming; from sowing to reaping. It is definitely never easy to be farmer because it takes utmost dedication and hard work in order to be one. It is not easy to endure the heat at noon just to ensure that the coming harvest would be fruitful. Despite the hard work of the farmer, his life is usually not a very satisfactory one. Around the world, farmers are known to live simple lives because they are perceived lowly by the society despite the fact that they are responsible for what the society consumes in their day to day lives.

A Farmer’s Day

The day starts even before the sun rises. A farmer embraces the field; the land that he works on; taking care of seedlings that will turn into plants that would someday ready for harvest. Some of the processes are done by hand, if there are more than enough resources, some parts will be made easier by machines.

Throughout the day, the farmer’s greatest friend is the land that he steps on. Through this land, he is able to make a living and provide for his family. At the end of the day, when the hands of a farmer smells of soil, he attempts to wash away his tiredness and go back to his family and rest. Through resting, he makes himself ready for the next day that is yet to come.

Agriculture and Nature

Being a farmer can be equated to being dependent on nature. Nature itself is the greatest resource of the farmer. In the fields, it is quite difficult to maintain the highest level of energy. Physical labor is never easy and being a farmer combines different physical and mental skills that are very draining in one’s physical and mental disposition to say the least. And to think that every day, the level of work a farmer has to undergo is something that cannot be easily accomplished by a simple person. This is why farming is a profession that people should never look down upon; rather, it is something that is admirable for its purity and simplicity that takes a lot from an individual’s well-being.

In some countries, the weather is also a major factor in the life of the farmer. Sometimes, there are natural disasters that cannot be prevented which heavily affect the fields. There are times that crops are heavily damaged and losses are suffered by humble farmers. But these are things that farmers brace themselves for. In depending on land in order to live, they must also understand that they cannot control the nature and at the end of the day, they can only hope that things would always turn out the best for them.

The life of a farmer would always be connected to the essence of agriculture in the conditions of the society. In contemporary times, it is easy to see that farmers do not get the credit that they deserve in the work they do every day. In light of this, it is important to recognize farmers as very important members of the society who do their best so that we have something to eat every day.

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