Autobiography Of A Coin (Essay Sample)

Autobiography of a Coin

Most stores would ask customers to please use their change, yet numerous people bring their bills to pay. Likewise, other consumers depend on their credit or debit cards and this makes the habit of storing coins in wallets and bags somewhat useless. In the midst of electronic payment transactions, I would like to tell you something that you may have never heard before- the life of a dime. I find it interesting how my value changed throughout the centuries and that despite it being smaller, I continue to have importance in people’s lives; Even if you only have a dime, you may still buy and enjoy small things in life.

Before, I had a large value and it is one of the most exciting periods of my life. At the end of 1800s, if you had a dime, you could purchase a cup of tea because it only costs pennies. In 1893, if you wanted to drink lemonade, it was only 2 cents. You could buy bread with jam plus tea with a dime! I felt fulfilled then that I can provide enough food for people as they can enjoy a snack or maybe that was already one of their meals. I may be in the cashier box already or still in the bags of some ladies and men, but during this period, a dime would give them great conversations. They would talk about their life and dreams as well as their problems. One old lady talked to her son about giving him a dime so he can eat as he had not found a job for days. I could cry that time because as a dime, I was saving lives.

While my value has depreciated as centuries went by, being a dime makes me feel powerful. Decades ago, when a dime could still buy food and drinks, people depended on me. My value may seem purely economic because I am the financial means for a person’s sustenance but I see beyond that. If people eat their dime-priced food alone, they can be strong enough to do what they have to complete for that day. They are living because of the dime. If they eat with friends, people are socializing and talk about their lives and how they move on with their ups and downs. Consequently, I also feel the same way, I am with their ebbs and flows as I am contributing to whatever is important to these people. As a dime, I hold a powerful purpose because I contribute to the everyday existence of people.

Nowadays, a dime cannot buy the same things that it used to during the start of the 20th century, but it can still provide small bits of happiness. Presently, many kinds of food are now at least $1, and you will not even be able to buy a bag of chips or a bar of chocolate with a dime. If you want to purchase old paperback books, it could cost you 40 cents or more. One woman tried to find my worth and found she could buy bird houses and old baseball cards. Some can still purchase a piece of fruit for a dime if there is a promotion. Nevertheless, you can go to a flea market or garage sale and a dime can give you more. It can buy you a small ring or old playthings like stuffed toys. You can buy pens and paper for children. As a dime, I am proud that I can give items that offer simple happiness to people.

In the twenty-first century, I am a lowly dime with very little purchasing value but I am thankful for my evolution. I used to buy food and drinks and people will remember me for that. Now, I can give you trinkets and old or partially used things, which mean I still have value. As long as I have purpose and give something in exchange to people, I will feel happy and blessed for even if you have little money, a dime will give you a small piece of happiness that every good person deserves.

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