Autobiography Of A Cloud (Essay Sample)


When I touch the sky and the Earth, it creates a mystifying magic because I am able to contribute something that is beneficial to the planet’s organism and survival. This is because I am an elemental material that plays an important role to our planet Earth Mother Nature created me to play a special role in our Earth’s atmosphere for a long period of time. My elemental influence increases the viability of the planet to become functional, which sustains the capacity of the planet to become sustainable by all living organisms. As a cloud, I am one of the most important protectors of our planet for keeping radiation away from the space that is caused by the strong electromagnetic power coming from our Sun.

I am the Cloud, which you can always see as the cotton-like appearance above your horizon, especially when you look at the sky. I am eternal because I can always live forever even if the Earth is experiencing an immense weather pattern. I belong to the air and water element, which is a combination of two important matters of the planet. I can float through the horizon to make an aerial view of the planet as I navigate the surface from 20 miles per hour up to 300 miles per hour. I create the wind, which makes you realize that I always exist and just right around the corner willing to whisper through your ears with my subtle motion. I generate waves, which is an important mechanism to maintain the formation of landforms and areas around the world. I always create rain, which generates biological diversity to all living organisms across the planet.

However, I can always get mad for those responsible for causing environmental damage and destruction. As a cloud, I am responsible for generating acid rain, which destroys structures that are owned by individuals or groups responsible for destroying the forests, marine life, and other natural resources. I hate pollution because it generates warmer temperature in our environment. This is the reason why I can become your worst nightmare by becoming a full force hurricane or typhoons that ravage any civilizations that are guilty of destroying the environment. I create twisters, which selectively destroys structures that are causing havoc to the environment. And the worst of all, I can generate a waterfall-like torrential rain that creates flash flooding activities that can wipe out a civilization in just one splash.

As a cloud, you must always take care of me because I am always here to guide and protect you from any environmental threats. Abusing my power can eliminate your ability to survive in this world because I am more powerful than the living organism on this planet. No matter how strong you are such as having nuclear artillery, you will never defeat me. I can still have the power to balance the environment by changing all the physical elements on the planet. This means that you must learn how to respect and love me as your protector and savior from any form of threats. You must remember that you need me, but I don’t need you because I am infinite, eternal, and cannot be defeated by anyone. This is because I am the elemental cloud created by the Mother Nature that acts as an important regulator of our planet Earth (Chu, 2013).


  • Chu, Jennifer (2013). “Scientists generate first map of clouds on an exoplanet”. MIT.
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