Autobiography Of A Caged Bird (Essay Sample)

Autobiography of a caged bird

Life in the cage is harsh with limited privileges and freedom. Cages refer to things that prevent one from making a substantial progress in life. In daily life, cages may involve discrimination. When someone is caged, the person must have been stopped from accessing fundamental rights and freedom. Such individuals are barred from making an independent decision. Surprisingly, they do not participate in substantial activities to complement life standards. This paper will, therefore, will explore an autobiography account of a caged bird.

I am a small, young and beautiful dove. My name is Pretty. I am seventy months old. I rarely see my parent and immediate relatives from the birds’ family. My closest friends are ducks and hens though I rarely interact and share my plight with them. I live in small round cage hung in the corner next to the door. Despite the good lighting system in Zechariah and Deborah house, however, the prevailing conditions in the cage are still unbearable to support life.  Food and grains are in abundance. Moreover, small seeds and fruits are part of my diet. Occasionally, Zachariah and Deborah gives me a promotion to interact with their friends. During such moments, they allow me to fly within their rooms. Meanwhile outside in the veranda, I could only enjoy the warmth of the morning sun rays while in the cage. My worst enemies are cats and dogs. Indeed, these deadly animals spare none from our species.

I have an attractive black and white color. The yellowish green strips along my wings are some precious beautification on my natural tint. My wings make funny squeaky and whistle sound when a fly around in the guest rooms. Interestingly, I have the ability to imitate the voice of some people especially the visitors. The unique projection like a hat on my head distinguishes me from other birds. It is the sign of natural beauty and prestige. Zachariah and Deborah are ever happy with the cage. It is the cleanest site within the room. I am the most attractive ornament in the house. Amazingly, I keep the owners alert when visitors arrive or any strange movement within the compound. Probably, it is the reason why they hung my cage right at the corner next to the main entrance. Indeed no visitor would dare get access into the room without capturing my attention. Loneliness has become part of my successful life. I keep my cage clean because of self-consciousness and self-control.

It is surely my second birthday ever since I came from the city. I got introduced into the house barely after my first anniversary. I was young and confused when I was brought from the city shop. The bitter truth of separation from the family comfort dawn on me. However, the feeling quickly disappeared as I grew up in the cage. At first, I thought I would not come to terms since I was used to staying in a company. During my childhood, I was hostile to other children. I could bite and scare some kids who could test my patience with their fingers through the cage. I drove much more happiness and comfort when I put them away. During holidays and weekends, Zachariah and Deborah would put me the car to outdoor picnics. I would spy the external environment and convince myself to escape when they are busy with enjoying their good times. Melodious noise from outside birds would fuel my efforts to get away. Unfortunately, all my countless attempts to escape from the cage bore fruitless success. I remained loyal and the best friend to them.

Early in the dawn, I wake everyone up. They all feel happy for I am good at keeping time. They get to the job on time and get a promotion because they are time conscious. However, hardly any of the household members would appreciate and give accolades to my priceless services. Despite this, I drive much joy when I see all my bosses happy. Though I feel unhappy when they are away in their commitments, I feel much more joy when they are back sharing stories of the day.

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