Atticus Finch (Character Analysis)

Character Analysis of Atticus Finch

To Kill a Mockingbird is a well-known novel written by Harper Lee, who was born in 1926 in Monroeville, Alabama. The novel is set in the fictional town of Maycomb County, Alabama. Scout Finch is the narrator of the story. It shows on how the lead role Atticus Finch does his parenting style to his children and on how he deals his neighbors and the rape case assigned to him.

First, Atticus Finch is a good father of Jeremy “Jem” and Jean Louise “Scout” Finch. He is also a widow, his late wife died due to a heart attack.  He encouraged his children to call him “Atticus” unlike the traditional one because he believed that everyone is equal. Also, he doesn’t dumb down his language but also he is patiently explaining it when they have questions. He is honest to his children means they are trusting him and looking up for his guidance. Nevertheless, he is still a father figure who used every situation to teach a lesson to his children by giving them a rational explanation. Even he is a single parent, he tries to let them to understand on how and why they should behave that way. However it makes troubles when the kids apply his principles in the way he doesn’t expect. Atticus taught to his children a great moral lesson, to protect the good from being harmed by evil contact. For example, when Scout doesn’t want to go to school because of her problems to her teacher yet Atticus listens to her explanation of why she is upset and makes her see the side of the teacher before coming up with a compromise that made Scout happy.

Second, He is a good and calm neighbor. He is one of the few residents who believed in racial equality. Atticus never gets angry against the residents of Maycomb. Even their physical difference like color and rank in the society, Atticus admires and recognizes that everyone has both good and bad qualities. For him, praise the good and try to understand the bad. For example, He compliments Mrs. Dubose’s garden. He even doesn’t mind if he hired a black woman named Calpurnia as his children’s companion while he is at work. After Calpurnia’s day work in Finch’s residence, Atticus makes time to drive her to her house. He is not even hungry for money unlike the other lawyers, it is fine for him to receive a sack of hickory nuts and other goods from Mr. Cunningham as payment. It is okay for him to go to the family of Tom Robinson, his black client, just to tell that Tom is dead instead of relying it on a messenger.  He even stayed calm when Mr. Ewell somehow insults him on his decision defending Tom Robinson and for the worst when he spits in Atticus’s face. He was able to control his emotions because he knew he is a lawyer and his son was looking up on him.

Third, He is a good and fair lawyer. By the time he accepted the case, he knew it would be a harder trial. He really tried his best to defend his black client against rape charges of the white woman named Mayella Violet Ewell. By accepting this case, he and his children were exposed to the anger of the white people. But it didn’t stop Atticus to hold back because he knew it was his job to defend him. The night before the trial, Atticus guarded Tom from the people who wanted to kill him. It was led by Mr. Cunningham and fortunately, Scout was there to tell Mr. Cunningham that entailment is bad that made the group of men leave. In the courtroom, he was even smart enough to prove that the other side was lying and made the audience murmur. Tom Robinson is a right-handed person yet the Mayella is hit by a left-handed person. There was also a big difference between Mr. Gilmer and Mr. Finch on how they handle their clients and ask questions. Despite of the stressful environment Atticus is having, he managed to be calm and professional. However, the Judge delivered guilty verdict but it didn’t stop Atticus to file an appeal yet Tom became hopeless.  When Tom escaped, he was shot and killed. Atticus was very disappointed for he knew they had a greater chance of winning the case.

In the end, Atticus Finch is considered a role model and well-respected man in Maycomb. Atticus never doubted his stand on this case despite of other people’s opinions and beliefs. He knew that Tom Robinson was innocent and really fought for it. Even in those times where the racism and injustice were really prevalent.  He strongly believed in justice and the power of its system. Atticus is not a hypocrite, he acts what he means. For him, being a lawyer is not a job but a strong commitment to justice and moral. And this is why Atticus Finch is a man of honor and morality.

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