Asylum Seekers In Australia (Essay Sample)


Australia is considered one of the most progressive countries in the world. It has a healthy community system that is governed by several branches of the government that are highly stable than most of the countries around the world. Australia has always been targeted by residents from minority countries because it provides a promising opportunity to improve their lives when they start living in the land of promise situated down under. For this reason, Australia’s location is spotted by countries from the Southeast Asian region, South Asia, and from Africa because they see it as an opportunity to change their lives forever. Countries from both developing and underdeveloped world have been struggling to meet their basic needs because they are unable to seek a refuge by means of receiving an adequate job in their countries.

Seeking an asylum in Australia plays a major role for stateless individuals who are looking to have a better life. This is a new life that could uplift their struggles from their former households in their mother country. Australia has a booming and a vibrant economy that allows every migrant to have the chance to work and live in the country for several years before it can become officially recognized as part of its citizenry. In history, there are already previous asylum seekers in Australia who were granted citizenship when they came in the continent during the 90’s decade. During that time, there were not enough patrolling ships that guard the coastlines of Australia to screen refugees from other parts of the country who are coming to Australia to seek a better life in a long-term.

Asylum seekers in Australia at the present day are now experiencing difficulties. One reason is the threat of terrorists who are posing as refugees as a way to spread their ideology for spreading mass destruction across Australia. There are numerous security threats that are now challenging Australia’s security forces. This is the reason that Australia is intensifying its campaign to prevent terrorist elements to land on its mainland. Criminal elements are also blamed for the rise in refugees who are coming to Australia to seek an asylum status. Some refugees were trafficked by Southeast Asian pirates and human traffickers as a way to penetrate the security barriers of Australia and then will start their campaign to spread criminal and terrorist elements of the society. As a result, Australia can be at risk for experiencing severe threats of harm and violence.

It has been learned that asylum seekers in Australia are experiencing a bad blood in the country. The reason behind is that they are isolated on an island away from the continental mainland of the country. Australia is not sure whether or not asylum seekers should be granted with what they are wishing for because it is uncertain if their intentions are real. This is why authorities are conducting a thorough investigation regarding the identities of the asylum seekers who were currently housed in an isolated island before granting them with their aims to become Australians. At the end of the day, not all asylum seekers are granted with what they want to seek a job or a good lifestyle. This is because some are just pretending enough to take the asylum as an advantage to promote trafficking in Australia (Schuster, 2010).


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