Arguments Against Freedom Of The Press (Essay Sample)

Arguments Against Freedom Of The Press

The press has been playing an important role for informing the society regarding the latest trend and current events that are relevant to our community. In this role, press represents the mainstream media because it elevates awareness to the society with regard to the issues that concern human activities. Media is important because the public will be informed about the ongoing problems and positive news about the significance of a certain issue, policy, or events that influences the social structure of the community. As an important aspect of the press, there are legal and ethical virtues concerning with the activities and practices by the journalist while providing relevant news to the community.

The freedom of the press has been a critical part of our social life because it unifies the social structure of each society regarding current issues and trends. Journalists are usually responsible for reporting current events, in which they are assigned to make a coverage regarding an issue that has been causing an attention to the community. Media reports are facilitated by the use of technological devices to help publish the content of the article and the news to the public. Through the facilitation of technicians, news publication is delivered via satellite that can be watched on television, heard on the radio, and read in newspapers. Journalists are aware that media coverage is always governed with rules and regulations that are associated with veracity to prevent conflict of interest to the public. If there are consistencies with regard to the credibility of the news report by the journalists, the network responsible for publishing the headlines will be summoned for either legal or ethical sanctions by authorities.

The arguments against the freedom of the press are related to the eligibility of the business to operate as a media institution. This is usually associated with the content of the article, which is responsible for promoting awareness regarding a social issue or a life story of a person that has been causing media attention. However, anyone can challenge the media reports if there are contents that are contradictory with the actual scenario that occurred. The issue of plagiarism in media publishing is a classic ethical misconduct due to the increasing level of competition to media publications. The essence of freedom of the press is stained with controversies because there is information that is causing doubts regarding the authenticity. In this case, the journalist or the crew responsible for spreading information that is not regulated can be sanctioned by the authority.

Arguments against freedom of the press are bombarded with the threats of fake news that are usually published by anonymous users online that are very hard to trace their source. The image of the press freedom is hampered by the extensive publications of unverified articles and online websites responsible for spreading information online. The proliferation of fake news is now causing a stir in the press because it creates confusion whether the news is authentic or a satirical article that intends to provoke intimidation to the public. The credibility of the freedom of the press is sometimes tarnished by the fake news challenge that is usually observed online. Authorities are now creating new laws to regulate press publications of news and trending issues to prevent intimidation that can cause problems with the authenticity of media publications online (Hicken, 2013).


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