Anti-Social Activities (Essay Sample)

Anti-Social Activities

When we say anti-social activities, this means activities that tend to address only personal needs. This is the opposite of big social gatherings that banks on social interaction in order to be functional. At first, the term anti-social may come off as something negative but this just happens because it is associated with the choice of being alone. People who are tagged as anti-social are also put in a negative light but this is unfair because socializing is truly not for everyone. There are people who really have a hard time in joining social events because their anxiety hinders them.

We Should Talk About Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is a mental condition that deprives individuals from taking part in socializing or social interaction. People with this kind of anxiety have difficulty in functioning properly in social gatherings which is why they avoid these kinds of events. For these individuals, the activities that they do alone can be considered as anti-social activities because they choose to be alone rather to share their experience with anyone else.

Usually, social anxiety is misunderstood and some people perceive it as simply a choice that people make. The truth is, social anxiety is very real and it deeply affects the dispositions of individuals in how they position themselves in the society. People with this kind of anxiety have difficulty in adjusting with their social environment. This also gives them difficulty in both school and work. This is why there is a need to cultivate understanding towards social anxiety as something that needs to be recognized. People should not be alienated because they have difficulty in interacting with others. This would only lead to the worsening of their self-esteem and self-image. People with social anxiety tend to look down upon themselves because not everyone easily understands their situation.

On Being a Loner

Anti-social activities are usually seen as loner-type activities. While this is true, it should be clear that there is nothing wrong with being a loner. People who choose to be alone are very much welcome to have such choice if they think that this benefits them. Anti-social people or people with social anxiety tend to always stay home, usually in their rooms. There are cases that social interaction strains them too much that it affects their physical health. This proves that anxiety can take its toll even on the physical well-being of an individual.

While there is nothing wrong with being alone, what people need to understand about anti-social activities is that there should be a distinction on when it is positive and when it turns negative. We should be considerate of our friends who have difficulty in social events. In light of this, we should make it a point to assist them so they would feel comfortable even in the midst of social interaction. Aside from this, it is also important to never force people to interact when they feel uncomfortable. This might heighten their anxiety.

For many, anti-social activities are all about choosing to be alone but we must remember that it is not always a choice for everyone. There are people who are truly incapable of functioning in social activities and we should recognize this as something serious and not as a simple thing. For people who gravitate towards anti-social activities, they are welcome to do so but it is up to others to ensure that these benefits do them good and not harm. When it becomes harmful, that is when anti-social activities should be given an intervention. At the end of the day, people suffering from social anxiety should never be misunderstood.

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