Animal Farm As An Allegory (Essay Sample)

Animal Farm As An Allegory

The novel “Animal Farm” by George Orwell discusses the manner in which animals related with one another in a given farm. This story can be used as an allegory of today’s life by taking the animals to represent human beings and the farm to represent the world. There are different aspects of writing that Orwell used and can best describe today’s world and the manner in which people relate with one another.

The main idea comes in the world of leadership. Orwell uses the sheep which can represent the character of the masses in today’s world. Orwell represents the sheep as an animal that is blindly loyal and has little intelligent. The main function of the sheep is to follow what the leaders say without even giving the issue a second thought. As well, in the current world, when it comes to the issue of leadership, then it is evidence that most of the people have no say or rarely question their leaders and just follow the rules being given to them. Due to ignorance, then the masses show a little level of intelligence about what if happening in the world and, it is due to this reason that their actions can be compared to the sheep used in the book “Animal Farm”.

In addition, the pigs in the story displayed a lot of greed. This can be an allegory of today’s leaders who are willing to do anything so that they can remain in power or even secure more power. In any given organization, everyone knows that it is not easy to remain in power and that people have to make great sacrifices for the sake of power. A good example is the Russian revolution whereby Napoleon committed different violent acts in order to ensure that he remained in power. Such acts were against humanity but he did them for self interests which is power.

In regard to Animal Farm, Orwell has used dramatic irony to create an allegory. A good example is the scene whereby the Squealer makes use of propaganda with the aim of manipulating the animals into believing that the Snowball had some bad intentions. The manner in which the Squealer describes the situations it leaves the animals behaving as if they had remembered the situation. However, the reader can deduce that the animals were clearly being deceived but had no options. This irony enables the reader to realize the amount of times that their leaders have deceived them but there is nothing that they can do about due to manner in which the deception takes place.

In addition, Orwell uses irony in the scene whereby the commandments governing the animals were printed on the wall. However, the irony comes in the rule number four which was written “sheets” instead of “sheeps”. Hence, given the fact that the sheep had influenced the formation of an equal society, they were too dumb to realize the word sheets as it was on the wall. This is reflected in today’s world whereby people advocate for the large and general things like equality to be implemented but forget about the little details. It is such little details that our leaders can use against us in a situation whereby people started complaining. Since the world is governed by rules, then it would be difficult for the masses to complain but rather act by the book.

Therefore, Orwell’s Animal Farm is a book that describes the modern society but in a hidden way due to the choice of animals as the characters. Most of the incidences can be cleared compared to today’s world and the things that are happening in the world of leadership.

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