Analyze Factors That Contribute To The Wellbeing Of Individuals (Essay Sample)

Analyze Factors That Contribute To the Wellbeing of Individuals

When some people think or even hear the word well being in a conversation, they think of the absence of illnesses. However, this mentality is indeed flawed because wellbeing represents a lot more than the lack of diseases. According to the Merriam-Webster Online dictionary, wellbeing denotes “the state of being happy, healthy, or successful.” From the above it is clear that the word means a combination of one’s emotional, physical, health, mental, and social factors. Therefore, factors such as happiness, successful careers, and anything that amounts or brings about a degree of life’s satisfaction are all a part of a person’s wellbeing. The greatest misconception of wellbeing is that it is solely about money or wealth. However, as many rich or wealthy individuals have come to discover, wellbeing is miles away from one being the richest person in the world. Additionally, it is important to note that a majority of the factors that contribute to one’s well being are interrelated. For example, one’s career brings about money, friends, happiness, goals, etc. As the topic dictates, however, this article will examine the factors that contribute towards a person’s wellbeing.

Happy and supportive relationships can contribute to an individual’s wellbeing. These normally translate or mean family and friends. While these can sometimes be stressful and dysfunctional, when not in such deplorable states, these can help a person to lead a happy life. Supportive relationships will always add onto a person’s self-esteem and self-worth, while friends will always find ways to cheer someone whenever they are in a sad or rough patch. Family and friends often know one’s weaknesses as well as factors that can help them to lighten up. Instead of laughing with the others when things are against you, they will always provide one with a shoulder to lean and cry on. With such people around, it is almost impossible to lead a stressful life which means that issues such as high-blood pressure and stomach ulcers will be eliminated.

Aside from family and friends, one’s job or career can also contribute to one’s well being. A job or a career gifts one with something to look forward to and therefore, this gives one a sense of purpose in life. In one’s job or career, there is always the possibility of there being a lot of competition which means that every day, one will be forced to set goals and work towards achieving them. Aside from goals, a job also sets one in a field where like-minded individuals are in plenty. This gifts one a sense of belonging and soon friendships sprout. Additionally, a job will always come with a cheque at the end of the month. Having money to cater for one’s needs, have access to the basic necessities of life will indeed add to one’s well being. One can also make it possible for one to take vacations with their families. A job is an interrelated factor but one can categorically say that it is among the most important factors.

Finally, great health is also another factor that contributes to an individual’s wellbeing. People often become alarmed whenever they fall sick. However, a majority of us do not take the most basic health-related advices seriously. People are often asked to take balanced diets and as well as to exercise regularly. However, few heed to such and unknowingly to them, these are some of the smaller factors that contribute to one’s well being.

In conclusion, a person’s wellbeing is as a result of several factors, and wealth and riches as some might think cannot promote one’s wellbeing.

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