An Unforgettable Character (Essay Sample)

An Unforgettable Character

Characters play a significant role in a play or novel. Authors utilize different characters to explain some of the themes in a text to make it easier for the reader to understand the message that is being communicated. There are some roles that characters play, and authors tend to blend some different characters in a text to bring a sense of uniqueness. The manner in which a character is portrayed in a book matters a lot because the audience acts as judges by analyzing the different characters incorporated. There are minor and major characters in a play or novel. The minor characters are meant to build the main characters in the book.

We cannot forget some characters once we read books and novels. This is because of the significant role they play and how relevant they make the story. In many cases, unforgettable characters play the best role that we love or on the contrary, tend to play as characters that make the reader hate such a character. Personally, I have come across different characters in the novels and plays that I have read authored by various people. For instance, The River Between is a story authored by Ngugi Wa Thiongo and the main Character Waiyaki tend to be unforgettable according to my perspective. In my view, this character is a victim of circumstances because the whole novel revolves around him. He is attached to some minor characters who bring out his character. Ngugi tries to show the problems that the two ridges are facing from ancient times. Interestingly, this can be different in some instances where you find that the unforgettable character is the minor character in the novel. This depends on the perspective of the reader whereby he can find the minor characters being memorable as opposed in many cases where the main characters are unforgettable.

In cases where the minor characters emerge to be unforgettable as mentioned in the above text, we find out that such characters may have played a particular role that is significant across the text. This implies that the minor characters can initiate a certain theme that later dominates all through the novel hence making them be remembered. On the other hand, it is important to note that the manner in which readers view characters differs. This makes it difficult for a certain group of people to have the same unforgettable character. The audience might fall in love with a minor character as well regardless of the role that he plays in the text hence this individual may turn to be their unforgettable characters. This shows that it is not mandatory that unforgettable characters are only the main characters in the book. This can be seen in some other characters as mentioned above. It is easier for one identify the most unforgettable characters among all and only in some, few cases where some characters may be remembered all.

In brief, characters are essential as they bring in the delivery of the message from the author in an easier way. Their role is to ensure that the reader can understand the real concept that it is being explained. Unforgettable characters are always remembered because of the role that they play in the text.

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