An Invitation To Negotiate Is A Good Offer (Essay Sample)


Negotiation is a process wherein a certain party initiates responsibility to establish a relationship with other parties. In this case, there is a mediation that happens between two interested parties to ensure that their interests are met with similar field of practice. The negotiation process of an individual ensures that there is a positive attitude and character that can surface between the involved parties to ensure that the dignity has been always applied between the two individuals. Initiating mediation is a positive sign for a certain party to acknowledge their relationship with other individuals. This is to ensure that the former strained relationships will have a new reason to be reestablished as a way to reconcile with each other.

An invitation to negotiate is a good offer because it is the chance for a party to use their convincing power to unite the two groups or individuals who are sharing dissimilar interests. The goal is to transform dissimilarities into similarities so that there will be no conflict of interest that affects the knowledge between two individuals, for this reason, the aspect of engaging in a productive invitation to negotiate will ensemble the  minds and perspectives of an individual to become productive and trustable in the future. Establishment of trust is a critical role for engaging in a negotiation process. The reason behind is that whenever trust has been established during a negotiation process, there is a higher possibility that the mediation becomes successful in the future. This is to lessen the outcome of conflicting interest between two or more parties that creates a parallel decision-making process in the long run.

If you are going to be invited by a certain organization to establish your negotiation skills between the two conflicting parties, this will be a blessing because it seeks to have the chance to reconcile two individuals. At first, negotiation is a challenge because you are going to crack a shell that has already been strengthened by two parties that already developed a history on eliciting a certain action that generates misconduct. Negotiation is a good offer because the company or an organization that is inviting you has a potential and trust with your convincing skills. They can see an optimistic reality with your skill to become a tool to engage in mediation between the two conflicting parties. As a result, negotiation becomes a possibility to ensure that any conflicting interests become a history after the mediation process.

The learning insight applied by the mediation process is to learn the values and principles of each other party. This includes their ideologies on why they tend not to reconcile with their rival to prevent their pride being tarnished. As a person concerned with the result of having conflicting interests, there has been a reason for a certain individual to value responsibilities as well as having the perspective to improve their capability of building a fruitful interest with each other. Being offered a position to act as a mediator is an important milestone that seeks to increase the competitiveness of your professional background as you are going to render your interactive communication skills. In this case, you will uplift the confidence of the involved parties to have hopes of reconciling two or more individuals who can unify one main goal and practice (Chang & Kalmanson, 2010).


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