An Interesting Dream (Essay Sample)

An Interesting Dream

At some point, we all experience instances of dreams in our lives. Some of the dreams are interesting while some turn out to scare. Most of our dreams are dreamt at night in as much as the dreams remain blurry and unclear to us. Some of us tend to believe dreams have significances in as much as we tend to forget them and remember nothing when the day comes. However, when we have clear dreams like cinematographic images on our imagination, we are forced to remembering the dreams since they interest our imaginations and relate to something that had occurred to us in life. I had an encounter with such a dream that left me laughing when I woke up in the morning. In my dream, my life changed in a second, and I had the power and money to run the world.

On the night of this day, I saw myself riding in the best of cars available in the world. My family members all had a good roof on top of them and could afford better food and clothing. In my dream, I was engaged in a business deal that fetched a lump sum of resources and connections with the world’s most influential personalities. I was invited to a meeting with these characters, and in the meeting, I emerged the best presenter of a business proposal. Every individual in the meeting took an interest in me and pledged to walk with me through the process. I was invited that night to dine with these influential people and wondered what I would put on for dinner. Before I left the conference, one of the individuals granted me the honor to ride with him to one of the stores for a few items he required. I, however, didn’t know what was to occur. As we rode in one of the classiest vehicles, we stopped by one of the stores that sold suits and shoes. I walked into the shop with much fear since in my life I only had the opportunity to window shop.

It turned out that the individual wanted me to purchase the best of all suits and shoes for the dinner party. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I fit in the best suits and shoes that were available on the shelves of the store. My worries were now sorted, and I was driven home to prepare. The driver informed me that he would be back to pick me after an hour for the party. I dashed into the house and called my family members only to inform them of what had transpired that day. My family members rejoiced and were very happy that things would change for us. I took a quick shower in the dream and wore my best suit and shoes. The driver at this time was back and hooted at our door. Before I left, my mother took some time to ensure my tie was done properly and said a short prayer for me. I dashed off to the car and was driven to the party. Things went so well, and I enjoyed different cuisines I had never tasted. The businessman then asked me to join their organization since they were looking for young and brilliant minds to work within our state. I took the bold step of signing a contract with them that changed my entire life.

Out of rags, riches stepped in, and life changed for my family and me. In a months’ time, I had my office and mortgaged a new home for my family members and me. I rode in flashy cars, and many of the young people admired the fruits of sheer hard work. They invited me for conferences to inspire and speak to them on how I made it in life. Soon I became the talk of the town. I had the power to enter into every office and undertake business deals with organizations. I remember walking out of an organization with an agreement of a business deal that was signed between our organization and the company. As I walked down the stairs, I had someone scream, and before I knew it, I woke up from my dream only to realize I was holding my pillow. I enjoyed every bit of the dream in as much as it was just a dream. However, I believe in the fact that dreams have significance and one day this will come to fruition.

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