An Evening At The Seashore (Essay Sample)

It has always been an amusement for me to visit and stood by in the shore whenever it starting to goes dark. The time where the glories sun have done its job for today and let the light from the moon gleams the sky with the glimmering light of the stars. I find happiness on small things like these especially whenever I am facing the seashore.

Nights like these gives me different kind of comfort. A kind of breeze the spells peace inside my mind, quietness of the place let me think of deeper meaning in life and the lights reflecting under the moon makes it all relaxing. Whenever my family gets a chance to visit beaches I will always be looking forward on evening at the seashore because sometimes we get to have a simple barbeque feast which tastes good for some occasion just sitting on the sands as I face the sea is enough to set my mind off from day to day activities and it easies my mind. Also, one thing that I like about the seashore is how the magic of the stars and galaxy manifest in my eyes. It must have been because the cities are already crowded with high rise buildings and the uncontrolled too much pollution that I’ve been missing how amazing it is to gaze upon the stars. But in here, you are free to see in awe the whole night sky with no buildings to cover its beauty, no noise like honking of cars and blasting sounds that would make you relaxed as you wonder the night sky and most importantly you get the feeling of living in the moment, because more often in life we get to do many things and be busy about it that we forget to breath for a moment and savour what life could offer.

In some seashores, you could see the simple way of people living on those places. On countryside, where some locals have been living off their life on near seas you can see how the sun burned their skins and in the night they spent it for relaxing. I think visiting seashores of different places have given me different perspective in life. Another thing that is truly remarkable whenever I visit seashore is sometimes I get a chance to see the ecosystem of animals in the area. In these times, l enjoyed observing their habitats and their ways of living. Although it makes me feel bad that we, as humans, whom supposed to protect the nature are just dropping our garbage here and there. There have been occasions where an event was done on seashores that people had too much fun and didn’t mind the situation of the sea. If we are to look up the statistics about the pollution it greatly affect many natural places including the seashores. I am all for having fun, but we need to set limits on these things and should at least pay attention on what will happen when we forget about Mother Nature.

In general, my thoughts about evening on seashore is just simple. One, l would like every one of us appreciate the simplest things in life whether standing on evening in seashore or sitting on park breathing some fresh air it’s not always the expensive things that will makes us happy, even the simplest will do. Another one is protect our nature because when the time comes when we decided to forget about the nature the nature after us shall pay the price and we should be concerned and do something about it. An evening in seashore is one good experience I will always like to have to relax my mind and soul.

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