All Life Forms Are Important (Essay Sample)

All life forms are important

Life is a characteristic of a living entity. Humans, animals, and plants are the primary life forms on earth. Humans have rights, right to live, right to own property, the right of expression and other rights. People have considered themselves better than any other form of life. The truth is that every kind of life is important and no creature on earth is superior to the others. All the forms of life need each other for comfort and survival. We as humans must recognize that the earth is a place for all the three forms of life.

Forest is a group of trees, either indigenous or exotic. People need the trees for homes constructions, furniture, and other uses. The homes are a source of security to humans. One can say the forest home humans. The forest is also a source of food to people. The animals too need the forest for their food, shelter, bedding, and security. Several animals depend on the woods for food; destruction of the forest would mean endangering the life of such animals. Animals use the forest as their breeding sites if the forest is destroyed animals will not have a secure place to hide their young ones, this will discourage the animals from reproduction. Forest is also a source of refreshments; people can walk in the forest to enjoy its beauty and lovely scents from the trees. The dependence of both animals and humans to the forest shows that the forest is important and should not be destroyed. The only intelligent form of life is the human being. The human beings have the responsibility to protect the forest since life of one form cannot survive without other forms of life. Trees in their status are important and need protection, both through laws enactments and public knowledge.

Human activities have degraded the ecosystem with deforestation seen as a significant threat. People cut down trees with the aim of building and farming. Farming in most places is done extensively, resulting in a poor harvest. The already deforested land is enough if scientific agricultural practices are used. No one should be allowed to cut down trees without planting more trees. The continual cutting down of trees also increases the effects of climate change. Climate change results in irregular rain patterns and finally leads to drought, which by extension results in famine. The hunger which results due to cutting down of trees should show people that trees are an important form of life on earth.

The animals living on earth has inherent benefits to humans. The domesticated animals serve human in various capacities. The domesticated animals can be used by humans as food, source of protection, pets, and transport. The animals ease people’s lives. The wild animals are also used as food. The wild animals kept in zoos are also a source of entertainment to locals and tourists from other countries. Human has viewed animals as inferior forms life for quite some time. This view of animals has seen people kill animals with some animal species getting extinct. Some animals are currently endangered, and only a few individuals are concerned. ¬†Animals have a life to be respected, and humans must know that they need animals for survival.

The earth is a home for humans, plants, and animals. Humans are expected to behave responsibly to ensure the protection of animals and plants. Humans need to recognize that the earth needs the three forms of life to prosper. Without the forest animals will not exist and people are bound to perish. Governmental and non-governmental organizations need to ensure the endangered animal species are protected. The modern humans must recognize that the current environment of today is to be preserved for future generations.

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