All About Process Essay Writing

Process essay writing

A process essay can also be referred to as a how-to-essay. Ideally, this is an essay that is used to describe how to do something or elaborate on how something works. As such, it is a very helpful way to present information to the readers about how they can gain skills or knowledge about a given process. By using a logical flow of information, the author is able to relay information on the aspect being discussed in a manner that the audience can interact with and in an easy way to remember. One of the basic rules of writing a good process essay is making sure that the information does not in any way overwhelm the readers. This means that the author should not complicate the essay in such a way that the readers will find it difficult to follow the processes, or even remember the sequence. The general process of the essay creation is an outline, which includes the introduction, body and the conclusion.
process essay writing

Process essay structure


The first part of the introduction is to make sure that there is a problem to be addressed. The author brings out a problem that the audience can easily relate with. This helps when creating the interest in the essay. If the readers feel that, they may not need this information in their daily activities or at any one time, they will not bother reading through the processes. As such, the audience selection is crucial to writing process essay. This further dictates the language to be used. When writing a process essay to Information technologists, it is easy to use the jargons common in the field. However, when writing about information technology processes to the general public, such as setting up smart solutions in their homes, it is important that the author chooses the right language, which is easy for the readers. By showing the audience that they stand to gain some insightful information about an area that they would consider problematic, this builds the interest in the rest of the paper content.


The next part of the writing process essay introduction, is the process essay thesis statement and it comes in at the end. The difference between a good and bad thesis statement is, the former is framed as a debatable statement. It is also the section that the author can use to bring out the solution to the problem that is stated at the start of the introduction. Using the thesis statement, the author is able to present to the readers a debatable topic. This is the statement that offers the author guidance into what he or she is trying to achieve in the paper. At the same time, it offers the readers a glimpse of what is presented in the paper.

Body paragraphs

Thesis is then followed by a well-developed body section of the essay. In this section, the author has the chance to elaborate on the processes in a manner that is easy for the readers to follow. This is crucial as the readers will be looking to gainfully learn new information that they can use or simply store for general use and/or knowledge.


The conclusion then states the problem and the solution. This section may also warn the readers of the possible dangers of not following the steps as indicated or the difficulties that they may encounter. The author may also offer some element of suggestion, into the difficulties that the readers will face when trying out the processes/instructions.

Writing process essay topics list

  1. Backing up personal data from a personal computer
  2. Developing a strong password for all the social media account
  3. Staying ahead of the digital age threats
  4. Securing the home network from hackers
  5. Surfing the dark net on a mobile phone
  6. Mastering online gaming
  7. Maintaining a manual transmission family car
  8. Using the social media to build a brand name
  9. Living with a bipolar child
  10. Surviving a terror attack
  11. Setting up a home network
  12. Choosing the right course at the university
  13. Developing the right career path to match the personality
  14. Helping a child develop their social skills
  15. Resolving conflict between rival siblings
  16. Taking care of an Alzheimer’s parent
  17. Helping a child realize their personal dreams
  18. Changing the oil of a car
  19. Jumpstarting a car
  20. Cleaning oil stained seats of your car
  21. Understanding the American football
  22. How to play golf
  23. How nuclear energy is generated and distributed
  24. How to drive a manual transmission car on rough terrain
  25. Writing the winning processes essay for a class assignment
  26. Managing forest fires
  27. Escaping from a sinking car
  28. Wiping off all personal data before selling off a computer
  29. Increasing the speed of a sluggish phone
  30. Creating a perfect dating website profile

Step by step guide on how to write a process essay

Step 1. Introduction

The first part of the process essay is the introduction. This is a section that:

  • helps the author to let the readers know a little about the topic to be discussed;
  • helping the readers understand more about the topic after reading the title;
  • helps the author create the interest in the readers;
  • explains the problem that is easy for the audience to understand

It is thus important that the introduction is interesting enough to make sure that the readers are interested in what comes next in the piece. There is a lot of material that the readers will come across from whichever platform they read, as such, it is up to the author to make sure that readers see the need to continue reading the paper.

Step 2. Thesis

At the end of the introduction, the author then uses the thesis statement to present a solution. The thesis statement also acts as the guide to the rest of the paper as it is a formulated with a debatable approach. Example of thesis statement is given below:

…the smell and taste of pancakes in the morning is refreshing. It leaves a lasting smile at the start of the day and makes it easier for one to get through the day. However, very few people know how to make the winning pancakes…..

Step 3. Body paragraphs

process essay body

The other part of the process essay, is the body, which is developed as a series of paragraphs. The first part of the body is a list of all the materials that the reader will need before they start the process. This is in case the process essay is about how to get something accomplished. This way the reader is ready to now go through the processes. Each of the steps is organized into a paragraph the readers can easily follow. At the start of any processes that require the reader to have some of the material ready, the author ought to mention this in the topic sentence of the paragraph/step. For example, the author may mention that,

…for this stage we will need the screwdriver, ladder, grounding clips, wire cutter and a hammer.

This gives the reader the chance to look and check that they have all the necessary materials that they will need for the step. It also makes it easier for the readers to coordinate their actions as they do not have to stop in the middle of the process to look for a material that they were not informed would be crucial to completing the same. The key to a good process essay is making sure that the different stages of the processes are transitioned in a manner that does not feel superficial. This is to mean that, given that this is an essay, it is important for the ideas to all flow into one another, rather than seem disjointed. One of the most common mistakes that the author has to avoid is using words such as firstly, secondly and thirdly among others. This makes the work superficial and most of the readers with language acuity will easily discredit the piece regardless of the information that it presents.

While the content is crucial, the presentation makes all the difference. The key to making sure that all the process show some element of sequence is to let the language do all the work. This means choosing the right process essay transition words that do not sound lethargic. It is also crucial that the author does not use abbreviations in the essay. The key to the process essay is that the reader does not have to jump around the piece trying to find the meaning of a certain phrase or abbreviation while still trying to get to understand the process. It is that element of continuity that is a key in this case. To properly bring out the element of continuity in the processes, the author needs to make sure that they use their punctuation marks to the best of their ability. This is relative to the fact that process essays rely heavily on punctuations. Where the readers may expect some challenges, the author ought to mention to the readers and offer solutions. This also applies to the warnings along the processes, which should be mentioned at the topic sentence to get the reader prepared.

Step 4. Conclusion

process essay conclusion

The last part is a process essay conclusion. Like the introduction, the conclusion reintroduces the problem and the solution. This is then used to:

  1. indicate to the readers what they should have achieved at the end of the processes;
  2. It is also common for authors at this stage to give warnings to the readers, indicating to them what may happen if they missed a certain step and how best they can rectify their mistake if possible;
  3. It is common for readers to get excited and miss out on some of the most important details and processes which mean that they will not have achieved the desired results at the end of the processes.

As such, offering the warning makes sure that all the processes are implemented in the best way as stated in the essay. This means that the readers should have achieved the same results at the end. The author may also point out at this stage some of the difficulties that were not mentioned in the body paragraph. It is crucial that the author also offers some insights into how the challenges can be overcome.

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