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What is an assignment?

What is an assignment? An assignment is a task assigned to a person or a group and is a part of the course being studied or work related.

Once an assignment has been handed to you, it is essential to understand what is expected of you clearly. Every assignment has a challenge that needs to be tackled. The challenge can either be showing one’s ability to think efficiently or illustrating how well the topic has been understood. Assignment writing becomes an easy task once you have established what the essay seeks to answer. The outline for an assignment enables the writer to have a good flow of ideas and points relevant ones to the task at hand. How to start an assignment is significantly dependent on the topic provided for the assignment. An essay writer may begin an assignment in a way it can either be analytical or descriptive.

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Typical assignment structure

Most articles follow a basic assignment structure. The assignments normally begin with an overview of the selected topic, the body supporting the topic and the assignment conclusion.

There are basic steps that you can use to achieve a good essay. The assignment outline is as follows:

  1. Planning – Assignment writing needs to be planned so as to have the points in order. Good planning gives the writer a chance to have an article that is detailed. Ensure that you give yourself a deadline so that you don’t hurry at the last minute.
  2. Question analysis – Before tackling any question, make sure you have an understanding of what is expected of you. Read the question or topic given and create an assignment writing guide. The guidelines will make the work much easier. If the question is difficult, try rephrasing it in simpler words so as to understand.
  3. Assignment outline – An assignment draft gives you a format to follow when writing the essay. The type of work provided will determine the assignment structure to use. However, the structure should not limit you from producing work that is professional. The assignment outline should be created using gaps and headings from the content to be used in the essay. The most basic structure is as follows:
    • Assignment Introduction – The introduction for an assignment covers a tenth of the assignment. The introduction highlights the main points to be discussed as well as illustrates the importance of the essay. It is advisable to tackle the introduction last so that you know what is most relevant.
    • The discussion (the body) – The body holds the weight of the assignment. The body has a number of paragraphs depending on the points and ideas for an assignment given. Every point should be in its paragraph so that it can be elaborated extensively. All paragraphs start with topic sentences that state the main idea and then followed by the evidence supporting the points. Examples can be included so as to show you have a clear picture of what you are tackling. Transitional words are used in the body to improve thoughts as well as make the paper flow smoothly from one point to the next.
    • Conclusion for an assignment – The conclusion also covers the task given. There are several ways of how to conclude an assignment. However, the most effective style of conclusion is by stating the main points once more without introducing new ideas.
  4. Gathering of information – Ensure that you have relevant facts and information that will be reliable during the preparation of the essay.
  5. Writing the essay – You can start the essay writing once all the information is put together. Start by writing the draft. Once you have revised the draft, you can fine tune the words so as to make sure the contents flow well.

Below is a structure of an assignment by the title “After-school Activities.”

Thesis statement

After-school activities play a vital role in children’s growth and social life. The activities also assist in the child’s physical development. After-school games ensure that a child is not dull and focused on only one side.

  • Time management

The activities offered after the classes give the child a sense of time management. Children like being involved in activities they enjoy. This, therefore, means that he/she will try to balance all the aspects of friends, family, and the activity that he/she likes. A self-initiative will be established within the child.

  • Creativity

Life skills are developed in children when they practice after-school activities. Life skills are essential in children’s maturity as the skills give every child a sense of identity. The activities also give a child the chance to nurture talent that can be beneficial in the later days.

  • Self-confidence

When the child succeeds in any activity, self-confidence begins to develop within. Self-confidence is a necessity in this modern world as it enables a person to have the courage and the thrill of trying new ideas.

  • Stress release

Stress is a very dangerous element and can lead to disorders such as depression and insomnia. A child can have stress from issues such as peer pressure and bullying. The after-school activities, therefore, come in handy as they offer a peaceful environment that soothes the mind.


After-school activities, therefore, have an essential role in a child’s growth. A person needs training all the way from childhood. A person’s childhood is, therefore, vital as the skills acquired at that stage last a lifetime. The contemporary world requires every individual to have an added life skill that will assist them in surviving.

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Tips for a good assignment

  1. Citing the resources. If your assignment writing has references, ensure they are quoted correctly. Citations can range from APA, Chicago or MLA. You should, therefore, be keen and use the one specified for the assignment.
  2. Proofreading. There is nothing as bad as spelling mistakes and errors. Proofreading, therefore, gives you the chance to go through the work and correct any mistakes that are avoidable. Such errors can make the assignment seem unprofessional.
  3. Ask for assistance. In case the assignment becomes challenging, feel free to ask for help from professionals or friends. Such people can offer you assignment tips that will assist in the creation of an excellent article.
  4. Time planning. Time is precious and waits for no person. Make sure you have set aside some time for writing the essay assignment. Good timing will give you ample time to plan as well as produce an article with all the assignment writing steps.
  5. Introduction. An introduction gives the person reading the essay the first impression. If the introduction is good, the essay will follow suit. A good introduction is one of the fundamental ways of how to write an assignment.
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