Advertisement, Uses And Abuses (Essay Sample)

Life of the people in this present generation revolves around the world of social media and technologies. Most of the businesses that comprise the lowest to the highest class of people are also investing in the innovative changes that technology and social media brings. Technological advancement has brought people a more advanced and high tech way of living that keep ups with the fast changing world. Businesses also invents on these advancements to keep up with the trend and follow the ruling of the futuristic generation that we are in. The emergence of technological advancements also welcomed us into the worlds of vloggers and vloggers who make sort of videos to earn money. The major question that will pop in your mind is, how do they earn from making videos? The simple answer is this, they earn through advertising. The more followers and subscribers you have, the more money you will earn because it just means that you are connected to more people and advertisers will love that because their advertisements on your videos will also reach more people. But because business is always business, advertising has also its downs.

As what is mentioned earlier, advertising of any form aims to reach a larger audience so that the product or service that they are selling will also reach more people. The first stage of the usage of advertising is in marketing process. Advertisements of any kind aim to introduce the product or service to people. When the product is already introduced to the people, the next role of advertisements is to generate sales. This comes when the person becomes interested with the product or service. When this happens, it only shows that the advertising technique has been effective and it reached the target market. It brings joy to the businessmen to know that the advertisement that they have invested on has been successful. Advertising persuades people and advertisers create demands that have never been there. When a person encounters an advertisement, he or she immediately feels the need to buy that product or service that has been advertised. If not, that person will question his or her self if it is really a necessity to consume the product that has been advertised. Advertising is the backbone that supports the biggest business industries. But just like every business platform, advertising can also be abused.

Leading companies who uses too much advertising even if they know it is unhealthy for the consumers. They put advertisements anywhere they would want to because they have the capability to do so. The effect of this is more costumers but less chance for the customers to make a choice. Monopolization will be applied to customers and they are unconscious that they are following some product trend even if they do not want to. This is a kind of abuse on advertising. A company is free to advertise their product as long as it still meets the demands and needs of people, but when a company advertises too much it gives an effect to the consumers that the leading product that has most advertisements is the only product that should be bought or consumed. That will be the start of abuse in the world of advertising.

It is important for the consumers to be mindful not be easily affected by the advertisements presented to them. They should know when to say no and when to decline on products that may seem useful but is really useless. It starts with consumer awareness so that no company will be manipulating the market and every business maybe big or small will be given a chance in the business world.

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