Advantages Of Studying Human Behavior (Essay Sample)

Advantages Of Studying Human Behavior

Human behavior is a fascinating phenomenon due to its provision of appropriate learning experiences on the various behavior adopted by individuals, as well as, one’s behavior. Studying human behavior, therefore, becomes an essential aspect of the world, particularly in business, organizations and in day-to day interactions as many aspects of life depend on individuals, providing several benefits.

Studying human behavior gives a person knowledge and awareness on how to deal positively with others. For every person to succeed in life, vital interpersonal and communication skills are necessary to function adequately in today’s society that is ever changing. In the current society, modernization has led to increased immigration to other countries for pleasure, to study, work, and to live there. Hence, studying of human behavior avails to an individual, the preparation tools to cope and work efficiently both at work and in the society, while they control their emotions and actions. The understanding of human behavior for an individual helps them understand of the presence of imperfections in life that they can learn to live with to be functional persons in the society.

In a society where people live and work together, it comprises of individuals with different personalities, attitudes, values, beliefs, and perceptions. The study of human behavior enables one know how to deal with various people. Behavior makes known that people are different and no two individuals are the same. For instance, in a work environment, some people are motivated to work, to achieve more in life, while others are happy with just having a job. Therefore, with human behavior skills, a manager can learn the type of employees they would successfully work with and choose to employ those as opposed to others. Moreover, learning about the differences in people in social aspects, helps one appreciate the different ways of living and develop healthy relationships with others, despite the differences and avoid being quick to judge as it leads to ill feelings.

The study of human behavior helps us to understand, appreciate and sustain human life and its perspectives thereby avoid conflicts. When an individual puts himself or herself in other people’s situations as opposed to casting doubt and blame, one gains an understanding of situations and appreciate their efforts. Human behavior equips an individual with knowledge of how to assess and deal with other people without ending up in conflict. It does so by eliciting the development of understanding and empathy towards others, which, limits instances of judging others and engaging in accusations emanating from ignorance. Moreover, it creates a healthy society whereby people learn to self-evaluate first before judging others.

Human behavior is unpredictable in that it can be caused, motivated or goal oriented. By studying human behavior, an individual understands that observable responses of people are dependent factors. Therefore, through this understanding, one can project, direct, alter and control the different behavior of individuals. For instance, in a work environment, this knowledge is vital in making managers understand how to motivate the various types of employees based on what drives their behavior to increase their productivity.

Studying human behavior provides a basis for predicting appropriate behavior. When dealing with individuals and situations, past behavior gives a clear indication of the effectiveness or the failure of those actions in various situations. Hence, one gets ideas on how people respond to different behavior in particular situations that work, fail or impact environmental conditions, thus, adequately informing the development of functioning human skills.

Understanding of human behavior is instrumental for the successful operation of a society and achievement of goals. Its study necessitates its inclusion into different educational programs as the benefits accrued from its knowledge; provide all-rounds benefits to all.

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