Advantages Of Government Hospitals (Essay Sample)

Hospitals are universally accepted as the place of healing. There are two types of hospitals: a private hospital and a government owned hospital. A private hospital is owned either by family, or a group of companies and are usually quite more expensive in terms of payment than a government owned hospital wherein most of the costing are either free or cheaper than the bills given by a private owned hospital. This essay focuses on the benefits of availing the services of government hospitals.

Availing the services of government hospitals is highly beneficial. Apart from the aforementioned cheaper and/or almost free price, government health care also removes discrimination among patients. Discrimination among patients can come in the form of either racial or financial terms. Racial discrimination in hospitals mainly root from medical givers preferring the patients to have the same “blood” in them wherein they have this mindset that they belong to that country due to same ethnicity, beliefs, and color. Racial discrimination rarely applies to hospitals though; however, financial discrimination is another story.

Having trouble obtaining medical care because some filthy-rich businessman managed to get the health benefit before you did, needed to consult a doctor for a check-up but his professional fee and his prescription medicines are so expensive or ever needed a transplant but you were put at the bottom of the list because you cannot pay up? Government health care prevents such financial discrimination by making sure that medical givers treat all patients equally. By making sure that all patients are treated equally, be it they are financially capable or not, the government can ensure quality healthcare for everyone.

Another advantage of Government health care lies in their health care plan regulation. This health care plan runs on making sure that insurance companies abide by their policies. Health insurance companies usually over-charge consumers and even go as far as deny the patient who availed their insurance ample medical coverage for toxic or chronic diseases, make their insurance too expensive for a middle-class patient to afford, rejection due to pre-medical conditions and technologically advanced medical testing. Unfortunately, privately owned insurance health care companies are difficult, even for the government to enforce their rules and regulations in terms of health care insurance. Government regulated health insurance is a different case than a privately owned one since the government will force insurance companies to be held accountable for any medical infractions as well as guaranteeing that health care is provided to everyone.

An ongoing problem on government health care all around the globe is the quality of the health care itself. Government usually solves this problem by gathering, analyzing, and disseminating information. The government also takes into consideration the specialization of doctors that patients with special and critical conditions need. By prioritizing what medical givers should practice and disseminating information regarding the disease and the proper medication and preventions needed, the government not only advertises a safer environment but better quality health care.

Lastly, access to a far more advanced medical technology set-up, patients are able to access first class equipment. While it is true that some private hospitals have the finest medical equipment: from a CT Scan to the sharpest and sturdiest surgical tools, public health care is also given funds by the government in replacing old technologies with new ones which will not only grant patients who can barely afford expensive medication access but will also be of benefit for all since these modern technologies will be able to help in the identification of diseases which may have not been detectable by old practices and old medical equipment.

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