Advantages Of Good Personal Hygiene (Essay Sample)

Advantages of good personal hygiene

Personal hygiene is defined as the routine practices that bring about body cleanliness and acceptable personal appearance. Keeping personal hygiene may be in the form of washing hands and clothes, brushing the teeth after meals, trimming the hair and bathing when necessary. Maintaining personal hygiene and sanitation has got many advantages. These benefits are either categorized as social, psychological, personal reasons. This paper will, therefore, examines the benefits of good personal hygiene and advocates whether it is necessary to keep hygiene and sanitation.

Health benefits of good personal hygiene

Engaging in the practices of keeping personal hygiene and sanitation contribute to good health. The practices are necessary for the protection against tropical infection like cholera and dysentery. Routine handwashing practices are simply but regarded as the most significant approach to preventing plethora infections from developing. Use of unclean hands especially after visiting toilets may lead to an outbreak of cholera and other diarrheal disease. Routine handwashing and running water and detergents is imperative before eating or meals preparation. The practice will help in minimizing cross contamination of meals with a bacterial infection.

Moreover, the act of keeping the hair clean is significant in minimizing most of the fungal infection likes dandruff. Keeping untidy hair may provide a perfect breeding ground for lice which are often nuisance since they bite and suck blood. The skin should always be kept clean and tidy to enable it to provide the body with necessary immunity against other illnesses. During hard physical activities, the body deposits the metabolic wastes in form sweat onto the body. Routine bathing will help to remove such wastes from the skin surface and allow the pores on the skin to perspire freely.

Brushing of teeth and maintaining mouth hygiene is adequately significantly important. Specialist recommends the brushing of teeth after every meal. The process should gently be done to avoid bruises and further injury. Routine brushing of teeth helps in preventing tooth decay among other dental infections like periodontal and gingivitis. Besides the teeth, the fingernails should be kept short and clean to prevent germs causing infections. Health practitioners report that the debris under the untrimmed nails may harbor microbes for the development of diseases.

Social benefits of good personal hygiene

Human beings are social beings who value and appreciate interactions within the society. The interaction with other people depends on the level of personal hygiene and sanitation. Low personal hygiene and sanitation results to awful odor from accumulates sweats on the body. The social acceptance of individual significantly reduces with poor personal hygiene. The good and attractive appearance of an individual also reduces with poor personal hygiene. However, maintaining personal hygiene helps to projects a positive and attractive body image as well as the personality.

Secondly, good personal hygiene and sanitation also boost a person’s interpersonal relationship, especially within the office. The majority of employers prefer well-groomed personal. Such staffs are presentable and organized in their discharge of duties and responsibilities. They boost the outward appearance of the organization since customers would always be confident with clean and organized staffs. Employees like nurses and other health practitioners must practice high hygiene practice to prevent any spread of infections to the clients.

Psychological and emotional advantages of good personal hygiene

According to psychological, cleanliness helps to boost self-esteem and self-appreciation. The perception that one perceives about his or her body influences various aspects of lives. For instance, the success in the participant in the interview heavily relies on the confidence. Finally, hygiene practices make people admirable and attractive to the opposite sex. Clean skin, fresh breath and well-groomed body make one more attractive thus enhancing romance life within the marriage.

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