Advantages Of Behavioral Approaches (Essay Sample)

Advantages of Behavioral Approaches

Behavioral approach briefly is about, one giving information about public’s, relationship and health. It  is commonly applied by children or even authority for instance areas where the manager or the one in charge influences the behavior pattern of an individual for example in prison one can change his or her behavior in order to suit with the conditions put in place. At home or place of work one can change behavior depending on the working condition. Although change is inevitable, behavioral pattern of somebody can be positively or negatively affected. The behavior pattern of a place can impact significant change to someone or worsen it .this essay seeks to describe the advantages of behavioral approach in human beings.

Through behavioral approach people can be able to learn health issues and change their behaviors for instance sugar and fats. After research being carried out by scientist it has shown that too much of sugar or too much of fat can ruin someone’s life or affects his or her health condition, by providing this information to the public it creates awareness and one can change his or her behavior in terms of sugar and fat consumption. Behavioral approach can also provide facts that if majority of people are educated this can create a common sense in people. Behavioral approaches also can target a specific gender or a specific issue that affects the life of the public, for instance in teenage girl magazine, anorexia. It also makes someone knowledgeable since it is easy to understand a certain behavior and if good one can put into practice. It also uses significant small steps in order for a behavioral change to come in. For instance in prison one can change his or her behavior by following the small steps provided by the authority and in return he or she finds him or herself coinciding with the required life style. Behavioral approaches do not require a certain age for it to take effect. It can be suitable to the old, youths, children and the middle aged.

Behavioral approach does not require specialist in order for one understand, through the public information one can suit to the desired behavioral change and improves his or her life. The results of behavioral approach can be measured and can demonstrate the progress of somebody. Another merit that is seen in this approach is that it has provided a good number techniques and application to make a change or influence a change in someone’s behaviors. This approach has majorly dwelt on behavior and behavior pattern but it goes beyond to influence a desired behavior. Petrovi Avolv conducted a research on dogs where he manipulated the dogs not to salivate on food alone but also on the ringing bell. This proves that a desired behavior can be manipulated and be achieved in animals or even human beings. Behavioral approach concentrates majorly on the current event not the past life behavior of somebody. This is significant because one only concentrates on what present and what happened in the past cannot riley influence his or her behavior.

In conclusion, behavioral approach have significant influence on people when the information is shared to the public and people take into practice it gives a positive change to a person, this approaches are simple, easy to understand, and changes behavior pattern of somebody to the desired one, or to suit to the environment they are in. This approach is not limited to any age since they cut across entire race and if targeted to a certain gender or a specific group it brings positive results. Although behavioral approaches have also the drawbacks but it narrows down to a person’s interest and desire to allow change take effect.

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