Advantages Of Abortion (Essay Sample)

Abortion is the act of ending a pregnancy. The topic of abortion is a controversial one, as the different sides of the divide always end up in heated debates on its morality and benefits to society. Different persons will always have different opinions that demand respect. Nevertheless, with about thirty countries worldwide legalizing this procedure, it is crucial to understand the advantages of procuring an abortion.

Abortion saves lives of women.  Documents establish that about twenty million unsafe abortions have occurred. Most of these procedures happen in backstreet clinics where medical considerations or professionalism is not a priority; resulting in about eighty thousand women dying as a result. Moreover, carrying a pregnancy to term and childbirth comes with several complications. The complications arise from ailments such as high blood pressure, anemia, diabetes, and kidney diseases among others that put women at risk of dying, and has caused deaths of 800 mothers yearly in the US. Therefore, identification of such cases and their potential consequences that are fatal makes abortion a viable solution in safeguarding a woman’s health and saving their lives.

Abortion gives a woman freedom of choice by enabling her to decide not to bring into the world a child they do not want or are unready to raise. A woman may get pregnant out of carelessness, the failure of a birth control method, or through rape, either way, life can be harsh to the mother and abortion becomes the way out. For a child to grow up healthy, loved and with all its needs met, finances and a ready and loving mother necessitates. Thus, a woman may be experiencing life pressures, difficulties juggling the different responsibilities and problems in her personal life. All these situations can make it difficult for one to want a child thus; abortion brings this decision to reality.

Procurement of abortion prevents having kids conceived through rape. Rape is one of the most heinous acts against a human being, as it not only preys on their physical well-being but also emotionally and psychologically. Victims of rape contend with many issues such as maintaining their health, achieving psychological well-being, and attaining back control over their lives. A child conceived through this act presents immense difficulties to a woman, as it reminds them of the ordeal, and making it impossible to move past the ordeal. Hence, an abortion enables such women to get a reprieve from going through excruciating pain, trauma and emotional stress attributed to a pregnancy resulting from a depraved act. Moreover, in instances where a minor is assaulted, they are physically and emotionally unprepared to give birth or for motherhood. Thus, abortion saves them from these situations.

Abortion gives parents the power to end a pregnancy that results in children with various abnormalities that guarantees them to a life of pain and suffering, and eventual infant death. The advancement in technology has empowered medical professionals to detect different conditions in fetuses as early as three months. Conditions such as Trisomy 18, a chromosomal abnormality and Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy among others are diagnosed in fetuses before birth. According to medical specialists, these conditions lead to death after birth, or at most by two years of life, while the baby undergoes intense and painful medical care. Having such information advises the decision of terminating a pregnancy. Many parents seek this to save their unborn child from a short life of suffering and pain while protecting the rest of the family from suffering.

Despite the disapproval of abortion by some people, it does play a role in the society. While it is observed as an immoral action that results in detrimental effects on a woman, it is a legitimate option for females for medical reasons, hence making it advantageous.

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