Advantages And Disadvantages Of Motor Car (Essay Sample)

Advantages and disadvantages of Motor Car

Time consciousness in the modern day has made the motor car a fundamental need in human life. Motor cars enhance locomotion from one place to another. Despite the essential need of motor cars, others perceive cars as a harmful gadget for the humanity. Meanwhile, using motor cars for transportation is comfortable and save enormous energy and time. Firm employees transfer goods from the point of manufacturing to the market primarily by motor cars. Ideally, survival without reliable transportation system is strenuous and hectic. The use of cars facilitate the employees to commute from the workplace to their residence with little efforts and cost. Motor cars motivate the entire workforce system to increase output and quality service delivery. Precisely, cars are essential basic commodities in human life to improve the quality of living standards. Besides, the numerous range of advantages of the motor car, the disadvantages of motor cars should never be underestimated. This paper will explore various advantages and disadvantages of the motor car in human life.

The most significant advantage of the motor car is the comfort and luxurious feelings associated while moving with the members of the family. Motor cars have extreme comfort particularly during festivals and end year celebration when other means of transportation are occupied and fixed. The ambulances and other emergency motor cars such as police cars are beneficial during a rescue mission. Cars are used to rescue critically ill patients and victims of accidents without straining and loss of life. Imagining ferrying fire victims’ patients on bicycles? It would take decades to rescues the life of such patients. Others may collapse on the way just before getting treatment because of the extreme pain afflicted on them. The invention of motor cars, therefore, came at the right time when the rapidly growing population are in dire need of efficient and effective means of transport. Finally, mobile clinics have here with us courtesy of motor cars. Flying doctors are moving from household to household with full and equipped hospital facilities on motor cars. The treatment has positively impacted our lives thus reducing mortality rate in the society.

Meanwhile, employing cars are the popular means of transport in the society has its sets of disadvantages. These disadvantages are life threatening and can contribute to massive loss of life and property. The emission released into the environment contribute to greenhouse effects. The motor cars burn fuels and emit toxic gases which pollute the environment. These gases also interfere with the respiratory system of people thus health hazard. Moreover, the acidic rain which destroys metallic structures is associated with motor cars emission into the atmosphere. The massive loss of innocent souls through road accident is another great disadvantage of motor cars. Every year, an enormous quantity of cars are crashing on the road due to careless and reckless drivers. The cost of maintaining motor cars makes it disadvantageous for less fortunate people in the society. Fueling and servicing the car on a daily basis is costly and may lead to economic depression.  In conclusion, although there are numerous disadvantages associated with the motor car, we cannot stop using it for transportation. The invention of the motor car is significant in improving lifestyle. It aids in rescuing victims during accidents. Motor car enhances movement of goods from different destinations. Most importantly, the motor car is beneficial for the family during festivals. Despite the disadvantages of the motor car, we should try to improve them for the benefits of a human. Green fuel should be used to replace harmful fuel with health hazards. Electric motor cars should also be adopted to improve the environment. Meanwhile, road unworthy motor cars should also be released from the road to reduce accidents.

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