Advantages And Disadvantages Of Computer Simulation (Essay Sample)


One of the main advantages of computer simulation is that it is easy to perform because it uses the “what if” analysis. Through the use of this method, then an individual is able to deal with large amounts of data easily as compared to a case whereby the simulation was not being done with a computer. Therefore, once the model has been created, then it becomes very easy to carry out the simulation process by simply the click of buttons.

As well, another advantage is the fact that computer simulation guarantees perfect and correct results. As a result, this eliminates the necessity of having to repeat the simulation in order to confirm whether the results are correct. This is in contrast to analytical simulation whereby an individual has to repeat the process in order to come up with the best and correct results. Hence computer simulation is perfect.

Computer simulation plays a substantial role of finding a certain un-expected phenomenon or behavior of the system. This does not involve a long and tedious process because all that is required is the generation of a formula that would be applied in the whole simulation process in order to come up with the unexpected phenomenon. Analytical simulation could be more difficult to use when finding an unexpected phenomenon as compared to a computer simulation.

Through computer simulation, different conditions can be used and the outcome investigated. This means that various critical conditions can be investigated without having to worry about the risk that can be involved. It helps the individual in deciding which conditions to use in order to achieve the best results possible. In the case of several conditions, then they can be narrowed down in order to come up with the best and, study it closely to ensure perfection.

Computer simulation makes it possible for an individual to study the behavior of a system without building it. As a result, this helps by saving time and resources that could have been spent in the construction of a non-useful system. Therefore, computer simulation is perfect for the purposes of testing the system because it’s fast and deals with the issuing of commands.


The main disadvantage of computer simulation is the fact that it is very difficult to construct the particular simulation model. Therefore, in the case whereby an individual does not have the necessary resources to construct a simulation model, then it would not be advisable for them to go for the computer simulation. Otherwise, other methods can be used to construct the model in regard to the individual’s financial status.

As well, computer simulation can be complicated at times hence, making it difficult for the user to interpret the results. Hence, in such a case, the individual may require the help of an expert in order to be able to understand the result. Hiring an expert means that an extra cost has to be incurred which, was not the original plan. Before choosing to carry out a computer simulation, an individual should expect anything and thus, should be fully prepared.

Computer simulation is expensive to conduct because the process requires a group of highly qualified individuals. Given the fact that the experts have to be paid in order to carry out the simulation, then it is clear that the end result is a process whereby an individual has spent a lot of money. This includes the construction of the model to the interpretation of the results. Cost exceptions are notable in the case whereby the person in need of the simulation is an expert and does not require the help of other individuals.

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