Advantage Of Western Education (Essay Sample)

Advantage of western education

Western education has long been acknowledged to be among the best in the world; its values can be seen all over the world. Western education is an education system that originated from the west, penetrating to other parts of the world.  The main approach of the western learning is to use modern technology to improve learning outcomes. The western education system focuses on individual ability to reason and be creative, that is why it is impossible to find a modern learning environment without modern technology in use.

With the rise of modern technology, the education sector has revolutionized learning; traditional classrooms have been replaced by modern technology where virtual learning takes place. Online teaching using computer and internet connectivity has benefited thousands of students who use technology to achieve their career goals. Learning has become convenient and flexible for many students who a brighter future. With time, western education has evolved into different forms using advanced technology within learning settings.

With new approaches to learning that does not necessary require students to physically attend classes every day, western education has numerous benefits to the student because education is accessible despite the distance.  Distance is no longer a barrier when it comes to education. With advanced technology, students have a variety of choices in education. Online education is one of the popular modes of learning. Students can access online education using personal computers by enrolling in the course of their choice.  Online education saves students from using numerous resources like transport. Attending classes for those living in remote areas is possible through online education. Online classes save not only time but also money. Students have flexible schedules to learn. Western education uses a variety of technology to aid learning. Western education is ideal for the modern environment because it promotes creativity, in addition, students can access diverse knowledge through creative learning processes.

Western education systems have numerous benefits because its student-centered, students are active learners since they are highly engaged. With modern technology, accessing information is easy, students can learn without the guidance of teachers, therefore become self-motivated to learn. Western education provides students with numerous tools to increase their knowledge. Individual learning is encouraged since students acquire more knowledge instead of relying on teachers.

The Western system has eliminated biases in evaluation, creating a fair playing field for all learners. Evaluation is only based on performance because there are not rigid rules. Students feel comfortable and enjoy the learning process.  With technology, advancement, learning, students feel confident in learning because they can engage in learning without feeling discriminated based on their gender, ethnicity, and race. Since virtual learning involves interaction using modern equipment that does do not necessarily require physical presence.

With the western education, children are taught by professional with vast knowledge in their respective field. Teaching is more advanced as teacher use appropriate technology to impart knowledge to students. Education has become specific that just broad. Students can easily specialize in one area of their interest helping them reach their career goals easily. Western education adequately prepares students for the future job markets since it provides the necessary technological skills that greatly benefit young people in the future. Students acquire basic skill and increase their chances of fitting well in the global job market. It is not surprising to see students traveling to many western countries to seek western education because everyone acknowledges that western education offers the best to students.  It guarantees them a better future. The Western education system has several advantages, it is not surprising that it has considered as one of the best education systems and preferred many people.

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