Academic Cheating (Essay/Paper Sample)

Academic Cheating

Academic cheating is a student’s attempt to get assistance through academic exercises given formally without the right acknowledgement. It can be obtained either through bribery or paid services. These services give answers to assignments or tests for a price. These are what comprises academic cheating and that is what will be discussed in the essay. Its purpose is to let people know what it is and how it is done.

No one can really give a concrete answer as to why students want to have it easy, but it is a problem that affects all schools. Those students who are reliant on cheating do not learn anything for themselves and it can develop into a habit that they will have their entire life. Students become guilty of academic cheating because they want effortless work and it helps in their time management. A lot of students resort to academic cheating just to get high grades and look impressive. The reasons they have are understandable, but there are effective solutions to these reasons. Furthermore, academic cheating could come from parental pressure, mismanagement of time, and lack of knowledge in the assignment.

Actually, 85% of students in a recent survey believe that cheating is a necessity. Even those students that have never done academic cheating think that it is an important strategy to get good grades, scholarships, land an internship and sometimes awards. A survey for U.S. News and World Report gathered that 90% of those who answered have a belief that professor will not know.

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In the majority of schools, the only penalty for cheating is being given the grade of zero. These are considered to be small and non-bearing so students still resort to cheating. Moreover, prior to the student being punished for cheating, the professor has to prove this, which is hard to do and ensure. Since these are the rules, professor become reluctant to accuse cheaters among the students in the class. When the professors are obliged to take note of the student’s information about the misconduct and get approval during open hearings, they are hesitant to give punishment. This causes a hostile environment and permissive towards cheating in students, which is a factor that contributed to making cheating simple to do.

People are wondering if there is success in academic cheating, and the answer is yes. There are companies that students can search for online and they are going to connect them to academic writers that specialize in the subject. Even if regular freelancers can be of help, it usually worth it to spend in hiring an academic writing company and be assigned the perfect writer. The writer who will be assigned to write the paper is experienced in the subject, already familiar with the kind of research needed, documentation, and requirements. This also allows them to spend less time on research because writers do not have to do a lot of it.

In order for academic cheating to be successful, the student has to choose a credible company before they partner with them to get the best academic writer. The good companies will have credible and positive reviews found online. The communication with the writer has to continue even after the paper is finished to make sure it was correctly done.

Academic cheating is not necessarily bad and it has helped a lot of students worldwide to do well in school.

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