Abortion Is Inhumane (Essay Sample)

Abortion is Inhumane


Abortion is the act of killing a baby while within the womb of a mother. It was legalized in certain States by the year 1970’s and over millions of unborn children have been murdered. Statistics state that there are over two hundred babies killed every hour. Most of the reasons why abortion is committed is usually because the mother does not have the capability to raise an unwanted baby. Some women have been raped, coerced or forced to have sexual intercourse against their will and these often results to the reproduction of a baby.  There is a division and disunity in terms of beliefs, morals and principles. Some agree with this barbaric method rather than face the consequences of giving birth to a child while others are against this thought and calls for human rights violation. Some countries consider abortion to be a criminal offense and subjects the offender to legal penalties. Abortion made based on willful decision and choice is a blatant disregard for the rights of the baby, which is already considered a human being to all the privileges of life. Catholics and Christians have been taking a stand in upholding the Biblical principles against murder and killing an innocent child. Some have raised the awareness that abortion is a grave offense against God and most of the fighters at the forefront of the legalized law are the people who are believers in the faith and church-goers.

Life Begins at Conception

Medical books and professional studies declare that life begins upon conception once the baby has formed into a cellular being regardless of its height, weight or size; it is already considered a human being. The unborn child already has a distinct and remarkable uniqueness of genetic identification.  The act of killing and flushing out an unborn baby from the mother’s womb is a direct violation of human rights and the commission of murder. The innocent baby could not defend itself from being destroyed and killed. The baby does not even have the chance to see the outside world alive. The irresponsibility of mothers and the cold-heartedness of some individuals result to the loss of lives and the destruction of morality. Not only is abortion inhumane but it is also unsafe to those who undergo such procedure and some have died due to infection and unregulated or unorthodox procedures. Likewise, it sends a tragic effect on the mind and emotions of the female who chose abortion instead of life. The person either suffers guilt, remorse or repeats the same cycle of engaging into sexual behavior and aborting the baby. Some have resorted to this kind of solution but it will certainly leave a lifetime scar in the person’s emotional, physical and spiritual physique. This fact has been proven through countless testimonials of mothers who chose abortion at a young age and have now suffered regret, with haunting memories forever etched in the mind.


Instead of abortion, there are other ways to choose and to make a decision to let the baby live. There are also organizations, which helps women who are frightened and distraught to survive the baby and offer financial, emotional, and spiritual support. Mothers and women who have come at this crossroads are grateful for choosing life over death and life over murder. The sound of the baby’s laughter, the soft and small hands that will hold and touch you, calling you mom or dad is a priceless view to behold. Choosing life over death is a show of great strength and character. It shows respect for life, fear of God and the courage to face the dilemma without having the need to commit murder. Some of the mothers who have undergone abortion have suffered depression and emotional turmoil. Nobody is excused from these consequences as opposed to the women who bravely endured, persevered and suffered by raising a child and loving the baby.

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