A Visit To An Amusement Park (Essay/Paper Sample)


It was one boring Saturday, just a few days after my summer holidays began. I had travelled to Toronto to stay with my mum. She is an artist and she wanted me to help her develop a collection for her next art exhibition. As always, if I wasn’t reading a novel, I would be busy painting or drawing. But that day was kind of different. I sat on the couch at corner, held my laptop, read several art blogs and posted comments. I tried social media, even funny posts could not move me. I was just so uneasy and bored. Was it the heat or what? I couldn’t really figure it out.

“Paulette and I are going to the amusement park at Vaughan. Want to come?” mum asked. She stood leaning against the wall, dressed in denim jeans and a loose white chiffon top. She loved heels but that day she was in oxfords. Her hair was loosely held in a bun and her beautiful watery hazel eyes looked directly at me, behind sunglasses though. She was just like a model awaiting a photo shoot. “You look great ma!” I could not help but comment with an awe expression on my face “and yes, I am going with you guys.” I replied.

Canada’s Wonderland Amusement Park was our destination. At first I felt like amusement parks were for kids but that day I got the best shock of my life. Trust me it is fun and adventurous. It feels like going to the moon and back. Paulette, my mother’s best friend, was particularly out of control. All she did was take photos, run around the vast parking lot and shout, “Oh girls, I am so excited!” We finally bought tickets, got a map and went in.

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Wow! There was too much beauty in one place. The ancient castle designs, green trees, and colorful flowers, the beautiful Royal fountain: I could not help but imagine what more there was to see. I was particularly eager to have a roller coaster experience. As a kid, I was so afraid of it but I believed it was worth trying someday. Our first stop was the Chicken Shack, where we took so delicious chicken wraps. I bought lots of candies as well.

There were too many rides in the park. We started with the Flight Deck. For a moment, I felt my heart throb hard against my chest at an increasing pace as if it wanted to come out. Cold sweat trickled slowly down my spine. The palm of my hands got wetter as seconds passed as I clung tightly to the rail. I could feel a great gush of adrenaline in my system and I did not even notice when and how I started to scream so loud like a banshee. What an experience that was! Time Warp was not so different. We just had to lie on our bellies instead of sitting. All I could do was close my eyes, hold my teeth together and pray that the whole affair ends so quickly. I could not handle any more circular movements. The little strength I had left was preserved for the Leviathan, the longest roller coaster in the park. That was the climax, the mother of all rides. I left that place momentarily deaf, because tears blocked my ears and my eyes were slightly watery and my throat was sore from all the screaming.

A ride on the bumper cars made me feel 15 years younger. Mum opted to take photos of us as we (Paulette and I) bumped into each other’s rides. We made a lot of noise. I felt like a kid once again. After all the fun, we were really tired. It was getting late already. We had to go back home. I really had lots of fun. If being a child could give one such pleasure and happiness, I would not really wish to grow up any time soon. I promised myself to go back and cover the places I did not go to. I could not wait to brag to my friends about my experience.

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