A Visit To A Seaside (Essay Sample)

A Visit to a Seaside

I was Grade 4 already when I first went to the beach and one can only imagine how fascinated I was with it since I was born and lived in the city all my life. It was my birthday and I begged my parents to celebrate it at a faraway coast. I loved long drives and nature, after much persistence, they eventually gave in. At the seaside, I loved the environmental bliss that only a beach can provide, the plentiful seaside activities, and eating with my family with the ocean breeze refreshing us.

The seaside offers many things that a city life cannot. The warmth of the sun was not oppressive at all unlike the polluted air in the city. Instead, the sun’s rays felt like silk on my face and body. I had my bathing suit on and let the sun caress my bony legs. Besides the sun, I felt each step I made on the sand, digging in each foot as deeply as possible. The sand was smooth with very few pebbles and somewhat cold the deeper I went into it. I played with the sand using my hands and built sandcastles with my siblings. I was the monarch of the day with a colossal castle. Later, I dipped into the ocean and swam so freely, like a dolphin gliding through the waters. I am strong swimmer but it is different when I swim in the ocean as the waves fight back. I liked the tension of me intersecting the stunning waves. I dove as deep as possible as well, and with my goggles, I looked at the corals underneath and the fish. Pink, blue, white, orange, and black fish! I felt them brush through my legs! With exhilaration, I dove and tried to swim with them underneath. To be in touch with the gracefulness of nature in the sea gives me bliss.

Apart from experiencing nature, I had a good time with numerous beach activities. I swam with my family and rode a boat with them. They rented a boat and we went island hopping. Beautiful tiny islands, some of them with a few pebbles and nothing else, apart from large ones with coconut trees, filled my mind with stories of hidden treasures and legends. Our guide told a story about lovers whose boat capsized and lived on an island. However, a storm destroyed their wooden home and led to their drowning. When some fisher folk reached the island, they saw two stones that looked like a man and a woman in an embrace. They said that the goddess of the sea preserved them as stone because their passionate love touched her heart. Besides boating, we caught some fish using fishing rods from the locals. I caught a very small orange one and roasted it later on. I loved its sweet taste! Finally, my father taught me how to surf because he surfed during his youth. I kept falling down at first, until I learned the ropes and surfed until I was too tired to stand.

Every dining was heavenly as we ate fresh seafood and the sea breeze blew away the heat. I loved the raw fresh fish that we dipped in soy sauce with lime and wasabi, a green, spicy paste made from horse radish. I also enjoyed different kinds of shellfish, from the pink ones with sweet meat to the bigger ones with white, tough meat. Moreover, we had roasted octopuses and squids. For drinks, we consumed fresh coconut water. As we ate, my parents told me numerous stories including folk tales and family narratives. I cherished the story about their ancestors and how they lived like nomads before choosing to settle in fishing communities. Subsequently, jokes about city and rural life were thrown around and I laughed my heart out. I must say I thought we were in paradise.

One of the happiest days of my life is my first visit to the seaside. With my family, I felt the glory of nature and water activities. Likewise, I tasted different seafood that filled my belly, while laughter and good stories occupied my soul. I thought that in the future, I will buy a house at the beach in order for my future family to experience a slice of this lovely paradise.

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