A Trip To The Moon (Essay Sample)

A trip to the moon

One day I was sitting in the house thinking of what I should, since I had a day off from work. All I wanted to do is to rest peacefully until the following day.  I decided to have a nap in my favorite chair, soon  I started sleeping, and the next thing I knew I was in another world with my friends on a spaceship and we were excited because this was a trip we all had dreamt of.  One of my friends said, “Guess what, we are going to the moon today”. I was excited as we all were looking forward to reaching the moon.  The trips were tiresome as it took a long time to get to the moon. Once we reached the moon everyone was tired, and no one was interested in exploring the moon as we had planned.

I was the only one taking pictures as I was excited to have fulfilled one of my dreams. Soon everyone was hungry, but we could not eat regular food, we were served with space food that tasted differently. None of my friends enjoyed their meal that day, but the fun part was that we were exploring the moon. We started walking on the moon to see what we would bring with us back on earth.  Everyone felt safe because we had high tech sensors and radio installed on the spacesuit that helped the operators on earth manage our air pressure and temperature to make us comfortable.

I was excited because I wanted to document everything on the moon and bring them back with me. I tried using my pen, but it could not write so I had to use a pencil.  The view of the moon was beautiful, from the stars to the planets and other galaxies that laid in the blackness of the space. I captured all the beautiful sights the on high tech camera.   The moon had some steep cliffs with big craters, making it look dangerous; it also had some rocks just like the earth rocks. The most attractive feature during our trip was the expansive oceans, the beautiful clouds, and the visible spaces below the moon. As we traveled at 18,000 miles per hour and 90 minutes per orbit, the speed was too fast to take any photos. The moon’s gravity and the heat in the cabin made everyone uncomfortable, even though no one became sick, but we were close to throwing up at times.

During our exploration, the spaceship moved at about 35 kilometers as we collected and documented everything in the moon, from the moon rocks and the soil. I took more than 2400 photographs using my spacesuit camera that seems to be an exciting experience for me. However, our trip had to end because we were running out of time.  As we planned our trip back to earth, we felt sad because we had started getting used to the moon life.

The spaceship traveled for about 35,000 miles per hour. On our way back, before making the last turn entering the earth, we saw something that almost looked like an alien. It ran very fast passing through our ship; we also tried our best not to run over it. Seeing and alien was the scariest thing I had ever experienced. After the long trip, we were all back and got home safely. The trip was fun only to be woken up from my sleep by the doorbell. Going to the moon in my dreams is one of the most memorable trips I have ever experienced.

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