A Stitch In Time Saves Nine (Essay Sample)

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

“A stitch in time save time” is a phrase that means that a timely effort plays an important role in preventing more work that would have to be done later. In addition, the phrase also means that an individual reduces the possibility of a problem occurring or worsening in the future when he takes a prompt action. A “stitch in time” usually means that a sewing process that is done promptly may save the need for additional stitching or having to replace the entire fabric. It may be argued that the individuals who initially used this phrase may have referred to making a stitch that would save the need for having to mend the nine stitches. The proverbial use of this phrase is to give an incentive to individuals who are lazy and inform them on the significance of being proactive. Studies have revealed that most lazy people are often left behind by their colleagues and they rarely manage to achieve their objectives.

The phrase has played an instrumental role in motivating people to be active when it comes to achievement of personal and organizational goals. Not only does it mean that a hard working individual goes a long way in enhancing the productivity of an organization, but there is also an increased chance of personal development. People are usually provided with an incentive of being active in a timely manner since time does not wait for any man. Furthermore, the proverbial expression goes a long way in enabling and providing people with an incentive that motivates hard work and innovation. Basically, the aim of this proverb is to promote productivity, enabling all individuals to enhance their intrinsic and personal skills. Further, being active can ensure that a person is able to save time that would have otherwise be lost as a result of laziness.

It is better to act sooner than later and this implies that procrastination usually lead to the dragging of a job or certain activity. A stitch in time saves nine is a proverb that describes numerous kinds of real-life world examples. For example, an employee who works hard is instrumental in enabling an organization to be productive. On the other hand, a lazy employee usually drags behind his colleagues especially when activities are being done in shifts. In a construction site, employees are tasked with different roles, including mixing of sand, carrying water, cutting metal, and so on. Therefore, an individual who is tasked with mixing concrete must collaborate with employees who bring sand, gravel, and water so that the final product can be appropriate. However, an employee who fails to act effectively on his role would lead to the delay of the entire team of employees. Therefore, a stitch in time saves people from loss, wastes and other troubles.

It is therefore evident that many people tend to suffer from a wide range of problems especially when they are unable to properly utilize their time. A good example is a student who is sitting for exams and he is required to revise his classwork. A student who is able to wisely utilize his time and revise his work has a higher possibility of excelling compared to the one who waits up to the last minute. On the hand, a lazy student usually ends up failing his exams. Taking action plays an instrumental role in enabling a person to succeed in life and this includes saving crucial time that would have been lost through laziness. Taking an early action also goes a long way in saving the problems that would have occurred if a person neglected on his duties.

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