A Persuasive Speech On Bullying (Writing Guide)

How to Write a Persuasive Speech on Bullying

Bullying is one of the main problems in schools around the world. There have been reports of many cases where students hurt or even kill each other because of bullying. Aside from that, there are victims who resulted in committing suicide and this only shows how unacceptable bullying is. This is why a lot of stakeholders in the sector of education have to work together to deal with the problem and assure students of their safety. One way that a person can help to spread awareness on bullying is to give students a better idea about it. A strategy to help the victims of bullying is to educate them on what to do about it. If professors ask students to write a persuasive essay about the bad impact of bullying. Writing a good one requires students to follow the guidelines.

You need to use standard English because it is widely accepted whether it is spoken or written. When you speak and write in English, the best way to communicate is to use standard English. When you have written your speech, make sure you have prepared and practiced well. The world leaders do not only stand up and make a speech right away, they prepare before speaking to the public. Some even have people to write their speeches, but remember that this is not done in schools. Remember to use English skillfully and you have time to prepare in advance so you will be able to show off the English skills you have.

Since you already have a topic to write about, make sure to set a goal to easily get your point across. You need to think about what kind of reaction you want to get from the readers. Think about it if you want to talk about the disadvantages of bullying, its effect on the mental health of a person when they grow up, and why it should never happen to anyone. You can use this when writing the introduction for a persuasive speech on bullying. As a speaker, you need to think about it if the action you are doing will lead to a consequence and how readers will respond to it. If you want those consequences to have a positive impact, you need to perform the right actions that will cause certain reactions. When you already know the kind of action you want from the audience, you can figure about how to write an effective speech on bullying.

In order to support your idea, statistics should be new and it has to come from a good source. The numbers have to provoke a good reaction, offer reliable, efficient and simple information so it can be used for doing student presentations. It should push students to end bullying or to help someone who is a victim, especially in school. The writer should be able to share an experience about bullying or something from the news. The writer can also talk about common types of bullying so that readers will develop empathy and understand the ones who were bullied.

When sharing an experience, include a human element. These stories could include quotes to share facts about life. Personal stories about bullying can be researched online that writers can use as part of the speech they are completing. By using these stories, readers will be more convinced that bullying should never happen and how it impacts someone negatively. At the same time, they will know that it is indeed a reality and there are those who commit suicide because of bullying.

When writing a speech, the writer also has to think about the kind of audience it will be presented to. Are they hostile, motivated, or neutral? The hostile audience doesn’t want to listen to the speech for a lot of reasons and these may be prejudice, fear, ignorance, cultural inertia, and fear. The neutral listeners do not have their own opinions or beliefs and this is why they have no investment to maintain the present state or arriving at a new one. This one is in the middle ground. Those who are motivated, want a change and they are already aware of the problems that need solutions. These listeners want to hear what you say and are most likely convinced of the solutions you are talking about.

The tone is also important because the objective of the writer is to show understanding of the issue and care about the victims and those who might be bullied, especially in school and social settings. The tone has to be naturally convincing and it gives readers a reason to care about bullying. Was the reader bullied? Did the reader participate in the act and if yes, why? How can prevention of bullying help readers or listeners? How would a person feel if someone close to him or her like a family member or a friend was bullied?

The next thing to do is to write about the balance and obstacles of the topic to add to the structure of the speech. Address the arguments of the opposition or obstacles while using the proposed course of action in a fair and respectful manner. You need to make readers know the elements you share and they should acknowledge them. This is going to build credibility and trust because they will listen to the points even more. The writer should also anticipate how the audience is going to participate, and one good thing to do is to ask them to write down anything that stood out while listening to the speech. They can be asked to record the reactions they have while absorbing information. This is going to help in the stimulation and post-presentation discussion. You can write down questions you plan to ask before you begin the speech. Furthermore, in order to keep their attention, the speech should not be confrontational. It is not necessary to put down the opposition, you just have to convince the audience that your argument is right because it is supported by positive facts. If you have to use statistics, use simple ones to avoid confusing the audience with numbers. There is no need to make your speech complicated by going outside the standard format. While you might be ambitious and want to add more to its simplicity, it is a format that is effective in capturing their attention.

Lastly, the essay should give suggestions on how victims can easily recognize incidents or potential bullying situations. You can make this part of the conclusion to give a better ending. Moreover, it can become a resource for those who have experienced bullying and for those who bully other people. These resources might mention parents, organizations, and teachers. The main objective is to prevent bullying and stop it from happening again. If you need writing help, you can consult services online to guide you.

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