A Horrible Dream (Essay Sample)


The brain is a magnificent creation where no one could fully explain how it came about, how it started, and how it was designed. It functions in such a manner that the whole body and physiological system of a human being works and correlates together. The brain is also affected whenever we experience good or negative memories and events. It reacts and connects to the emotions, affecting the heart, mind, soul, body and spirit. There are times when the mind has to rest and relax from all the activities of the day and enter into a deep sleep. Upon entering sleep, there are instances when we dream of positive things and negative things. Some professional counsellors would often say that the dreams are a result of the things which happened in our lives while others have dreams of the future. As impossible as it may seem to see the future through dreams, there are people gifted with such incredible skill. Some horrible dreams come from negative experiences and traumatic events in life. There are people who experience having the same dream over and over. It causes further agitation and sadness. Some psychologists and psychiatrists would say to fill thoughts with positive things and to focus on the beauty of life. This will help lessen the nightmares and horrible dreams while asleep. There are different kinds of horrific dreams such as the death of a relative, failure in a certain area in life, rejection from a job, lover or friend, weird dreams of teeth falling off, or images of ghosts and monsters, dreaming of losing a battle or other types of dreams depending on the type of character, memories and experiences a person has.

What to Do whenever having Horrible Dreams?

There are different strategies upon waking up from a bad dream. Sometimes, I drink water and turn the radio on to listen to music because at times when we wake up from a nightmare, it is difficult to forget the memory of such dream. There are times when people cry or suffer in pain despite the fact that this is only imaginary, a pigment of the imagination and the unconscious level of our brains. Sometimes, elderly people would explain that horrible dreams are usually the goals that we have in life which were not achieved and have been the cause of our pain and sorrow for the past years. It manifests itself through negative images at night while we are deep in our sleep. Sadly, there are people who have died due to nightmares because their hearts stop beating in the middle of the horrible dreams. Another scientific and medical explanation of this is phenomena is the emotions become so high whenever we dream of images and unconscious thoughts that are affecting us that much so people have stroke or heart failure in their sleep. Whenever I have nightmares, I know how to teach and tell my mind to wake up before I go too deep into the nightmare. It is possible. Likewise, praying at night and listening to comforting music will help prevent horrible dreams. Exercise during the day will also help evade dark sleep. Most often, after we have gone through such terrible dreams, we feel tired and discouraged when we wake up. A repetition of these dreams might even cause depression, confusion and frustration. It helps talking to a counsellor to settle things out and to have some form of release that would help heal old wounds and hurts in the past that come hunting us through these negative dreams. The movies we watch or news we listen to also affects our dreams so it is better to choose wisely what we watch and listen to.

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