A Good Man Is Hard To Find (Argumentative Essay Sample)

A Good Man Is Hard To Find

Majority of the women who have been dating for quite some time are have for more than one time asked themselves whether really a good man exists at all. One dates several men and all over certain it dawns to her that almost all of them are the same. Unlike in the past, dating has transformed even to a virtual version where people meet via social media and date. In the past, in some cultures, parents use to select husbands for their daughters and vice versa. A complete contrast can be seen today where a husband and a wife meet out there and decide to get in marriage. Even more differently, the social media has connected people than never people. From the bedroom, one can connect with over a hundred people who can qualify for dating. It should be noted that the same social media is not dislocated from couples when they get in marriage. With the digital world, a good man is hard to find because of the impact of technology and modern culture.

With the widespread use of social media platforms that connect thousands of people throughout the world, it has become hard to find a good man. This is because the social media offers them various dating hotspots where they are continuously connected to women. The dating sites offer endless options from which to choose from. Various women have differing degrees of beauty as perceived by men coupled up with the thinking that the beautyful ones are not yet born. These factors have made it difficult for a man to dedicate himself to a single woman. Women, on the other hand, perceive that a good man is the one who can dedicate their whole life to her. Given the above reason, it is difficult to find such a man in the current world.

Also, in the current world, marriage is not a priority to many. Education, for example, has become a life engaging function alongside many other things. Many men and women are out there in no hurry to marry. Unlike in the past, people used to long for marriage probably because one of the privileges in marriage was sex. People outside wedlock were not allowed to have sex. Today is a totally different case. People outside wedlock are engaging in intercourse probably because of the diluted societal values and good morals. Also, having children is no longer a priority in the almost overpopulated world and in which cost of living is too high. Hence, people do not see the need to get in marriage and why they should be faithful to a single partner.

In addition, there is a “hook up” culture that has taken over the youth. People now prefer to hook up than to date. In a hook up, people push along without serious relationships. The hooks up relationships are flexible since partners can drop one another once a new hook up is initiated. The behaviour of hook ups has affected people’s thinking and has adopted it as a culture. It has become hard to find a man who can dedicate himself to a woman while there are many other beautiful ones out there.

In conclusion, finding a good man has become tougher than before due to the technologies that have made the world a global village as well as the modern culture. Technology creates more options to choose from. Modern culture like the hook up has diluted values, morals and meaning of relationships making men lose interest in intimate and honest relationships.

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