A Day In The Life Of A Student (Essay Sample)

A day in the life of a student

Learning experience differs from school to another and among students. However, all students have a peculiar familiar routine irrespective of their level of education or their field of specialty. Thus, in this article is a typical walkthrough in the life of a student is described highlighting the main events each student goes through each day.

Each morning, a student wakes up to start their day irrespective of their residence.  A good student starts his/her day by making his/her bed.  Some students wake up early for exercise or to do their homework going to school. The morning routine for students is different and largely dependent on their daily schedules, character, personality or even hobbies. After waking up, they brush their teeth and head to their closet to choose the outfit for the day depending on the weather. They wear either uniform or casual clothes depending on their school policies. A student then heads to the dining room to take their breakfast to energize their bodies for the day ahead. Thereafter, the student then takes their learning materials and heads to school.

Means to get to the school is varied among students. Some have to wait for the school bus while some get to be dropped off by their parents or guardians. If they are boarders, they can walk to their respective classes to start their day. In school, each student has to adhere to the school routine and policies. School routine is varied depending on the course students take or their level of learning. However, between classwork, there are breaks. Students catch up with friends and their teachers during the day and pass the time by having stories on many diverse topics. Sometimes, some students find time to visit the library and do other co-curricular activities permitted by the institution for their academic or personal growth.

After classes, typically, in the late afternoon or early evening, many schools allocate this time to games and sports. Therefore, students change to sports attire and join their teammates and coaches in the field to train for upcoming competitions or fun. Therefore, late afternoon most students spend their time in the playing grounds with their teammates playing or cheering their colleagues. For those students who do not participate in any game, they hang out with their friends and share stories. After the games, students have to break to go to their residential areas or homes. Thus, they are either dropped off by the school bus or picked by their parents. Students often have to take with them their homework.

When they get to their homes, students have to do few chores before the day ends. Some students take that time to chat or play computer games. They have also to finish their homework before they retire to bed. Typically, responsible students and children help their parents with home chores like preparing supper for the family. Some have to prepare the following day’s schedule before going to bed. Watching TV is also a common thing among many students when they get home from school. After they take their supper, most students head to their bedrooms to sleep.

Conclusively, the above-described routine is common among many students though it has slight variations for each student. However, it features the life of a typical student in any level of education.

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