101 Narrative Essay Topics

Narrative Essay Topics List

  1. What is the most memorable trip have you ever taken
  2. Favorite cartoon character of your childhood
  3. The best book you read in the last one year
  4. Planning the best vacation with a friend
  5. Surviving a mass shooting
  6. What play things did you create as a child
  7. The first day at college
  8. The first week in the new neighborhood
  9. Falling in love for the first time
  10. The first kiss
  11. The most embarrassing moment in college
  12. Would you wish to return to a moment in the past?
  13. The most annoying moments at work
  14. The scariest night you have ever experienced
  15. The most memorable gift your parents bought you as a child
  16. The most memorable moment spent with a sibling
  17. What have you learnt in your teen years
  18. What it is the most memorable achievement you have made so far
  19. What in life are you grateful for?
  20. The most recent moment of happiness in your life
  21. The rites of passage you have participated in
  22. What is your main role in your family?
  23. What role do you play in your family?
  24. What is most memorable achievement you have had at work
  25. How do you remember your childhood?
  26. What event has brought you closer to your family
  27. Your favorite summer vacation destination
  28. The trip that had an unexpected turn of events
  29. The night of the presidential elections
  30. The moment that changed my life
  31. Five hours battling the hurricane
  32. The night of the accident
  33. How I got the scar on my left cheek?
  34. The first time you went on a date
  35. The first time your parents had a fight
  36. The first time you experienced death in the family
  37. The first day you met your newborn sibling
  38. The first time you experienced a near death experience
  39. The first time you experienced electric shock
  40. Your first experience driving a car
  41. The first time you learnt how to ride a bike
  42. The first time you learnt how to ride a motorbike
  43. The first time you learnt how to ski
  44. The first time you learnt how to swim
  45. A night lost at sea
  46. The feeling you had when you graduated
  47. The first time the doctor told you about your health condition
  48. The first time the doctor told you about your pregnancy
  49. The first time you tasted alcohol
  50. The first time you smoked marijuana
  51. The first time you lost your phone
  52. The first birthday with a memorable ending
  53. Your first day at the hospital
  54. The experience you had about being lost
  55. Your most exciting moment performing in a play in middle school
  56. The first time you experienced rejection
  57. The most random act of kindness
  58. The pain of a broken bone in the leg
  59. The pain of a head injury
  60. The most dangerous experience
  61. The experience of losing a pet
  62. The first experience being on a plane
  63. The experience of riding on a motor boat
  64. The pain of ending a relationship
  65. The pain of ending a friendship
  66. A time when you judged someone first and realized later you were wrong about them
  67. The time when felt disappointed in a person you initially thought was good
  68. The time an older sibling failed you
  69. The experience you feel has only happened to you
  70. The trip of your dreams
  71. Learning to fit in as a teenager
  72. My mother’s influence on me
  73. My father’s influence on me
  74. Your first car
  75. Your first job
  76. Your first friend at the new school
  77. Your first girlfriend
  78. Your first friend at the new place of work
  79. What I love about my family
  80. What I love about my city
  81. The trip to Europe while growing up in Alabama
  82. Driving classes
  83. Following dreams
  84. Surviving a hurricane
  85. Surviving a mass shooting
  86. Surviving a terror attack
  87. The most interesting job interview
  88. The strangest experience
  89. Meeting my favorite movie actor
  90. Why I always spare time for my family?
  91. Why I always visit my grandfather ?
  92. Teaching my brother to drive
  93. Learning to shoot
  94. Why I attend self-defense classes?
  95. Why I wear all black on Thursdays?
  96. Why I love the president elections?
  97. The plan for my career
  98. The plan for educational growth
  99. The worst misunderstanding I ever had
  100. The journey that changed my life
  101. The moment I experienced success

Purposes of a narrative essay

A narrative essay is a mode of expository essay, one in which the writer applies their ability to creatively bring out certain events from a personal point of view. This is an essay that has the most space in terms of freedom to engage ones’ creative abilities when it comes to writing and expressing ideas. Using a narrative essay, the writer is able to express their feelings towards an event or a subject in general. Writing a narrative essay is simply telling a story from the writer’s perspective. It allows the writer to incorporate all the sensory details associated with the subject and what it means to the writer. This means the writer does not simply write about what they saw, but rather, they also incorporate the rest of the four senses that remain. A writer has to be in a position to help the reader understand how a particular event sounded and even in some of the cases felt to the touch. For example, if the writer is telling about a time when they were in a hostage crisis situation, they may not only explain what the gunmen were doing, but also how they sounded, how the air smelt, how their hearts pounded and how they felt shivers on their skin among others. This helps the readers to better connect with the writer, where they recreate the situation in their mind and experience it themselves. The use of language is one of the key purposes of the essay, where the writers test their skills. The writers are also able to test their ability to make logical connections, between different ideas and express themselves in the most eloquent manner while maintaining objectivity. The writer has to approach the situation from a particular point of view, support their arguments and narrations, use vivid and precise verbs, use dialogue and establish the sequence between the events.

Choosing the Topic for A Narrative Essay

The first part to consider is making sure the topic illustrates a certain theme, this is relative to the fact that, every narrative essay will embody one or several components a given issue as a basis for argument. The choice should also be aligned with the topic the writer is comfortable writing about and one that easily intrigues creativity. It is also crucial that the topic fits the prompt given in the essay assignment to remain relevant. Writers should ensure they have chosen a topic with a manageable plot. There are limits to the number of pages or words to be included in the essay and thus having a large plot will easily affect the quality and delivery of the essay. It is important to choose a topic with vibrant details, which helps the writer to bring the story to life with much ease.

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