10 Differences between European and American Students

Students’ behaviors vary from country to country because of the set standards and guidelines for both academic and social standards. Although things are different when considering such lifestyles, there are some similar characteristic witnessed between students from Europe and America.

Differences between European and American students

However, cultural differences witnessed in these two nations have contributed to difference between American to European students.

1) European students write the date in this format “Day/ Month/ Year” while Americans student use “Month /Day/ Year”.

2)  The American students know the week start on Sunday and ends on Saturday while the European students know the week start on Monday and end on Saturday.

3) Europeans students use the metric system while measuring stuff like weight and temperature (meters, liters, grams, Celsius) while American students use the imperial system like (pounds, miles, yard.)

4) The perception of European and American students is shaped by their environment. For example, a student in Europe will see a building that was built a hundred years ago and consider it new while the Americans will consider it an old building.

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5) When it comes to distance, a student in Europe will consider 100km as a long distance while in America will look at it as a small distance. This is because in that same distance person in Europe might have passed like two countries while in America you will be in the same county.

6) It is compulsory for a European student to study more than one language, while on the other hand, Americas only learn English.

7) In America, students pay their university fees; therefore, parents must save in order to afford the fees while in Europe, students’ fees is paid indirectly through taxes.

8) In Europe, a student is required only to have high grades from secondary in order to qualify for university, while in America, student must take entry exams.

9) American students are more patriotic to their government and at no point do they criticize their government, while the European students do not see any problem in criticizing the government.

10) Most students in Europe play soccer, which is more popular, while American students like playing basketball and baseball, among others.

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